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Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011 03:11 pm

Letters to the Editor 11/10/11


Kate Hawkes of Trout Lily Cafe in a photo taken not long after the coffeehouse opened 12 years ago. Citing a lack of business because state jobs have left downtown, Hawkes closed Trout Lily Oct. 31.

I would like to add my voice to those who are bidding a sad farewell to the Trout Lily Cafe. I know of no other place that has served the community the way this unique cafe has. It provided us with so much more than food and drink. It was a gathering place, a place to meet friends, a venue for musicians and artists, a place to keep in touch with local news and events, and not least, it was a convivial retreat where you always felt welcome just sipping coffee and reading the paper.

Trout Lily regulars know who to thank because this was the creation of one person: Kate Hawkes. So thank you, Kate, for the hospitality, the hard work and the creativity you put into a place we will all sorely miss.

Steve Grant

In your Nov. 3 Editor’s Note you make it sound as if William Cellini was found guilty because he “spent time with the likes of Stuart Levine, Tony Rezko and Chris Kelly.”  In fact, he was found guilty because he was involved in hatching the plan to extort money, and was the guy who delivered the message, pay up or else.  I am not sure which “fine points of law” you are referring to, or what “nuances of evidence” you believe exist.  If Cellini had been with a guy who murdered someone and did not report the crime, he is as guilty of murder as the trigger man. Guilt by association?  In this case Cellini was the trigger man, for it was he who made the call asking for the funds, and then he assisted as the conspirators tried to cover up what they had attempted. 

In his mind Cellini probably thinks he did nothing wrong because it’s just business as usual here in Illinois.  Hopefully, we are moving past the corruption and scandal, but I for one can’t wait for the next indictment.

Clint Caldwell

I am disappointed in the statement of the Illinois Bishops regarding Gov. Quinn’s decision to present an award at the upcoming Personal PAC event.

Gov. Quinn will be presenting an award to a rape victim who had the courage to share her story in order to help other women with similar stories. Gov. Quinn is a true champion for women in Illinois and should be commended, not denounced, for his efforts in protecting women’s health care.

Furthermore, the statement denounces Planned Parenthood, an organization dedicated to providing quality health care services to thousands of women and men across the state every year.

At Planned Parenthood of Illinois, our services include lifesaving cancer screenings, breast health care, contraceptive services, sexually transmitted disease prevention and treatment, men’s health services and much more. More than 90 percent of the services we provide are preventive health care services.

We also provide abortion services because we believe women deserve access to a full range of reproductive health care services so that each woman can decide what is best for her and her family.

Every day, Planned Parenthood works to prevent unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease by providing women and men with education and access to preventive health care. Instead of denouncing Gov. Quinn for standing up for women, the bishops should join his efforts to encourage health policies that improve the health care of women across the state.

Carole Brite
President and CEO
Planned Parenthood of Illinois

Last week’s article “Andi’s Run” contained an incorrect web address and phone number. To learn more about the Springfield Church of Christ, visit www.springfieldchurch.net. To learn more about local fundraising efforts for the Children’s Tumor Foundation, contact Ivy Brog at 414-586-0513.

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