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Thursday, Nov. 17, 2011 03:32 pm

Leters to the Editor 11/17/11

Jade Ostermeier and legislators



I am the aunt of Jade Ostermeier [see “How did Jade and her baby die?” by Bruce Rushton, Nov. 10]. I think there should be a retraction and an apology given to Marc Fagan and Brenda Fagan and their brother who is in prison in Iowa. They had nothing to do with the subject of the article. The article was supposed to be based on Jade and Alexis [the baby who also died] and their life and what has happened to them. We did not want Marc’s name smeared into the ground, nor his mother, Brenda, nor his brother. They are all good people.

Marc has completely changed his life around. He is holding down a full-time job and he has gone back to college since this tragedy happened. He is a good guy. He loved my niece very much and there was no prouder father than he was when Alexis was born. Brenda Fagan is the warmest, heart-filled person I know. She stood beside Jade, Marc and the baby throughout the ordeal. She is a wonderful mother and has been through a lot of hard times in her life. She raised her kids the best that she could, not having their father in the picture much. As far as the brother that is in prison in Iowa, he is also a good guy. Just because he is in prison does not make him a bad uncle. He has made special picture frames while in prison for Alexis and Jade’s pictures and sent them to my sister. He was a very happy and excited uncle when he found out about the birth of Alexis. Eric Fagan is another story. You can write what you want about him.

Do you know that Jade’s family and Marc’s family sit and wonder every day, why, how and how come an innocent three-week-old baby died? Why were they taken away from us?

Karen Tanner
Aunt of Jade Ostermeier


In the old days, politicians used to sacrifice themselves for people. They used to set a good example for their followers to follow. Real leaders (honest politicians) would not ask people to do something unless they themselves had done it first. But modern-day politicians are selfish, dishonest, corrupt, self-serving hypocrites.

Our state lawmakers want to change current state employees’ retirement benefits into a three-tier benefit system so as to save money for the State of Illinois. If our lawmakers were honest, they should first subject themselves to such a three-tier retirement system before they force state employees to participate in it. Illinois lawmakers are trying to punish state employees for the problem created by lawmakers themselves. Our lawmakers and past governors are the ones who have pushed Illinois into the current financial mess. Lawmakers have bestowed themselves and their cronies with lavish benefits for their part-time jobs. It looks like today’s Illinois government is for the crooks, by the crooks and of the crooks!

Harish G. Bhatt


Re: “Should Cousin Bob get a city job?” by Bruce Rushton, Nov. 3: It sounds to me like the aldermen who voted “no” are in favor of keeping the nepotism corruption machine going full steam. I read the ordinance online and if you can’t understand it you shouldn’t be an alderman. It doesn’t limit the hiring pool at all. It makes sure there is disclosure of any “family” relationships during the hiring process. This is a no-brainer considering how many people have their jobs at the city because of who they know instead of if they were the most qualified. Good job, Alderman Dove! Bring it up again and expose these blowhards for their poor decisions! 

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