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Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2011 05:56 am

Get your thanksgiving on


Broken Stone plays Gobblerockin’ Eve Nov 23, 8:30pm at Atomic Tunes Sports Bar in Girard.

What with all the thanks givings going on I thought I’d chime in with my two cents worth, which in this economy and adjusting for inflation and all that rot, may not amount to a hill of beans. Nevertheless that’s what’s so wonderful about giving thanks – the worth is incalculable and priceless, costs nothing to do and ripples out to countless rewards with so little effort other than just saying thanks.

Actually it’s not necessary to even say “thank you” out loud, just thinking thanks does wonders for the world without and within. My favorite part of prayers in church as a kid were always the silent moments (other than the long pastoral prayer that allowed for some well-deserved shut-eye), where no one was telling me what to pray or say, but allowed reflection and concentration on personal issues inside the confines of my mind. I think in all religions or human betterment plans those moments of quiet introspection are vital and most beneficial to actually achieving some quality self-improvements.

Perhaps the humbling that comes with an honest giving of thanks helps the overall attitude or maybe there is a big file way up there somewhere keeping track of who gives praise and who does not, but as is the case with so many issues, it doesn’t really matter why something gets done as much as that it does and a difference happens because of that effort. So regardless of the reason for the season or if your purpose has a purpose, let me recommend on this Thanksgiving taking a moment to pause for the cause and directing your reflecting to actually and truly giving thanks for what you got with sincerity and earnestness. And for those who take the route to doubt, hey what harm’s it going to do to try a little thankfulness. It sure can’t hurt.

With that sermonizing out of the way I trust everyone can raise a glass of thanks to simply being here, if nothing else. A few weeks ago, Nov. 12 marked the first anniversary of the passing of our dear friend, the wise and wonderful Raoul. In searching for what to be thankful for there, I can sure look back on wonderful times and be happy with the moments I remember. We’ve all lost loved ones and as I’ve noticed the older you get the more folks you lose. An obvious statement, but one not really acknowledged when younger. Perhaps we do so to keep from bearing the weight of grief no longer than necessary. Surely it’s an added reason to give thanks for things and the gift of time.

As Thanksgiving approaches, many people are giving thanks for having a couple days off work and celebrate by making Thanksgiving Eve the biggest party night of the year. Without delving too deeply into a subject that I talked about last week and that really needs no intense study with all the other more important matters in the world today, I would say part of the evening’s popular partying potential comes from the lack of it actually being a holiday.

Since Thanksgiving Eve is really not a documented day in history as a celebratory gala, that allows for more leniency toward reckless abandon with no pre-established rituals to thwart or confuse party-goers with preordained rules and regulations like wearing green and singing Irish songs or stopping at midnight to hoot and holler. Regardless of the reasons though, we’re forced to recognize Thanksgiving Eve as the all time biggest party night of the year in America. So check last week’s IT pub crawl calendar for all the extra shows on Wednesday and get your thanksgiving on.

Oh, and thanks for reading.

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