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Thursday, Feb. 9, 2012 05:09 am

Letter to the Editor 02/09/12


One of Chris Britt’s cartoons, from the final days of the Bush administration, which did not get published in the State Journal-Register.

Thanks Illinois Times for an informative story about Chris Britt’s tenure as a cartoonist with the local newspaper over the past 12 years [see “That’s all, folks: Chris Britt leaves the State Journal-Register,” by Bruce Rushton, Feb. 2].

Now I didn’t always agree with Chris’s slant on some issues but usually took sides with him when his cartoons lambasted state and local politicians. He usually made the perfect bull’s-eye hit.

One special occasion comes to mind when my wife contacted him last year to ask if he would consider donating some of his cartoons for a fundraiser. A group of us were planning the event for a good friend who was experiencing cancer treatment. Chris generously agreed and even colored in the cartoons for the occasion. His donations sold quickly and helped raise funds to assist our friend. Chris’s act of kindness highlights his belief in community service and personal conviction to help others.

We will miss Chris Britt for his outlandish and funny, on-target cartoons now replaced with some generic sketches that don’t even touch the Springfield and Illinois political establishment. On the other hand, there probably are a few figures out there who are now sighing with relief that Chris has finally left the building.

Stan Zielinski

Editor’s note: Chris Britt’s cartoon will now be included weekly in Illinois Times.

I am writing in response to the Jan. 26 Guestwork by Sheldon Richman [see “Stopping the rush to war against Iran”]. Iran is indeed a threat not only to the Middle East but to the West as well. They have said as much and we should take them at their word. To say there is no threat is more than appeasement, it is willful ignorance and foolishness.

Iran supports the terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah who have killed many Americans and other innocent people over a number of years. Even if Iran doesn’t use the bomb itself, there is nothing to stop them from giving it to these proxy terrorist groups.

We see the preparation for mass murder just as the propaganda machine paved the way in Germany. Hatred for Jews, Israel and the West currently permeates the Iranian media, the education system and public discourse. The Iranian regime is still able to whip hundreds of thousands of its people into frenzied chants of “Death to Israel,” “Death to America” and “Death to Britain.”

This is the normalization of evil. Yet many in the West (including Mr. Richman) do not take seriously the genocidal statements of Iran supreme Leader Ali Khomeini and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
We must take it seriously.

Gloria Schwartz

It’s gratifying to learn that Dan Mulcahy continues his uphill effort to save Enos School. He has submitted an application to nominate the historic building for listing among the Ten Most Endangered Historic Sites in Illinois.

This is an annual competition sponsored for the past 17 years by Landmarks Illinois, the statewide preservation organization.  The list of 10 will be announced in the spring.

The school was determined eligible for the National Register of Historic Places by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency years ago.

Mulcahy has presented data that indicate that restoring the present building – which  doesn’t meet today’s educational needs – is more economical than following the plan of the school board.  The board’s plan calls for demolition of the historic building and construction of a new school on the same property.  Another alternative suggested by Mulcahy would build the new school across Elliott Street from the present building, on land controlled by Mulcahy.  Conversion then of the present building into apartments for personnel connected with SIU Medical School, three blocks south, would then be open to qualified historic property developers.

It seems a terrible waste – whether or not one is a preservationist – to spend thousands of dollars of public money to destroy something that can be made useful when there are reasonable alternatives.

Jerry Jacobson
Save Old Springfield

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