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Thursday, April 5, 2012 03:11 pm

Letters to the Editor 4/5/12

Chris Britt, Truancy and Coroner candidates



Just recently I started to again read your weekly newspaper, which I have never been a fan of, and then here you go again, you hire another SJ-R reject, Chris Britt. Then Britt starts placing garbage drawings in your paper that are meant to do no more than attempt to incite people. The one I am referring to is page 2, March 29, regarding the very unfortunate Zimmerman/Trayvon incident. As usual with your paper and in particular Britt, you are jumping to conclusions before the complete and entire investigation is complete. Again, this has always been a trademark of Illinois Times and Britt. Just once, please wait until the investigation is complete before you attempt to incite people. It would really be a nice change for Illinois Times, for Chris Britt and in particular your readers.

Mike Walton


It was nice to learn U.S. Reps. John Shimkus, R-Collinsville, and Tim Johnson, R-Urbana, don’t use campaign contributions to enrich themselves. But the accolade from Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington came at an awkward time, as the U.S. Supreme Court questioned the Affordable Care Act last week at the same time the CREW media pop came out (“Not at the trough,” by Bruce Rushton, March 29), and both Shimkus and Johnson consistently voted against the law. It’s nice to know some of our representatives comply with minimum ethical standards, but I wish the whole bunch of them would show a little more concern for their constituents.

In fact since last week’s oral arguments before the Supreme Court, I have one question, and only one, for every candidate for federal office: Will you now work to enact legislation that immediately creates a third-party, single-payer health care system for all Americans? If so, I’ll walk precincts for them. If not, I really don’t care how many nice media pops they get.

Peter Ellertsen


I am perplexed by Dr. Walter Milton, District 186 superintendent. He says he has a tried and true method to reduce truancy, yet after being in Springfield for seven years, he is just now talking about it. Not trying it. Talking about it. [See “Elevating education: Can Springfield turn around its languishing public schools?” by Patrick Yeagle, March 22.]

Also, I do not yet understand why he left an incompetent administrator in charge at Lanphier for so long when it was clear that this person could not do their job. How many students’ education suffered because of his inaction?

Something is not working in District 186. Test scores are falling, students are failing and leaving school. People are moving out of the district so their children will not have to attend Springfield public schools. Whose job is it to monitor Dr. Milton’s job? And why are they not doing that?

Sherri Boner


In a March 29 story on the results of the primary election in Sangamon County I made a comment about the relative closeness of the Republican primary election for coroner (57 percent to 43 percent). My comments were directed at the impact of any dissatisfaction among Republican voters about the process by which the Sangamon County Republican Party appoints replacements for elected officials who have resigned might have had on the closeness of the election. It was not intended to be a reflection on the quality or effort of either candidate. I apologize if my comment was taken as a criticism or a diminution of either Tom Shafer or Cinda Edwards or their campaigns.

Kent Redfield

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