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Thursday, April 19, 2012 03:31 pm

Letters to the Editor 4/19/12

Chicken, the Postal Service and parking lots



Maybe if Chic-fil-A moves to Springfield we should all move out. [See “What would Col. Sanders do? Chick-fil-A generates controversy at UIS,” by Bruce Rushton, posted April 11.] This politically correct stuff has got to stop. Most of this is the media’s fault.

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Hats of to Jim Hightower for his excellent article, “The truth about the U.S. Postal Service,” [April 5]. Hightower correctly explains the real problem – the ridiculous pre-funding mandate foisted on our service. This situation is so very wrong and can be easily corrected by legislative action. Why our elected leaders have chosen to ignore this fact is a mystery to me. Does anyone care?

Thomas Schuh


Jimmy, please be realistic about this terrible problem that vexes you so. [See “Made in the shade: Turning car parks into real parks,” by James Krohe Jr., April 12.]

Trees are wonderful and necessary pieces of our living environment, I can agree as I hope everyone will. However, the last time I parked under a tree I found bird droppings (environmental - medical hazard) all over my truck, a fallen limb sitting on my hood and sap all over the front that was under the tree. I guess you don’t pull your vehicle up in your yard to park under your tree for shade do you?

May I suggest you rant about tents instead? Awnings? Parking-ports? Something that will not draw filthy animals (starlings), drop sap and limbs on unsuspecting vehicles and something that won’t require annual trimming, watering and leaf clearing from the lot?

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These types of opinion pieces really get me wondering how the twists and turns of statistics can be manipulated to serve the writer’s point. [See “School discipline: A better way,” by Syla Segovia Taylor, GUESTWORK, April 12.]

“The data revealed startling racial disparities in suspensions, expulsions and arrests in districts and states.” What did the data reveal about which color of skin was creating the most problems in schools? Crickets is what I’m hearing.

Maybe the answer to my question lies in the next paragraph? “Among the findings: Black students are 3.5 times as likely to be suspended as their white peers [for unknown reasons to the writer], and more than 70 percent of students involved in school-related arrests or who have been referred to law enforcement are black or Latino.”

“There is a clear alternative to the harsh, discriminatory approach to discipline that prevails in many school districts.” Such as more money dumped into the educational system to corral and deal with the problem children? Not to create and enhance a safe environment for those who attend school each day and really want to learn?

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Illinois teachers are not at all to blame for the current financial mess the pension system is in now.

However, there is a very real chance they will take a big hit in retirement benefits. If you want to start taking precautions now against any possible reductions in your pension benefits, take control of, and regain confidence in your retirement, I suggest you start by reading the e-book The Seven Deadly Sins of Teacher Retirement. Go to teachersretirementhelp.com where you can download it for free.

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