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Thursday, Aug. 16, 2012 03:31 pm
The hazelnuts, almonds and pine nuts in these cookies testify to their Italian origin. But other kinds or combinations of lightly toasted nuts are equally good. Just be sure to use 1 1/2 c., no mat...
Thursday, Aug. 16, 2012 10:57 pm
Honey vanilla caramel drizzled over ice cream is decadently delicious. But in my opinion, its intense sweetness is even more delectable over a dish of plain Greek-style yogurt, with or without fruit...
Thursday, Aug. 9, 2012 04:29 pm
Michael Higgins, longtime chef/owner of Maldaner’s Restaurant, is at the forefront of sourcing local foods for his restaurant. Actually, for years he was the only area chef to do so, even persua...
Thursday, Aug. 9, 2012 06:13 am
This wonderfully refreshing soup has been on Higgins’ summer menus at Maldaner’s for as long as I can remember. The Sweet Sour Syrup recipe makes much more than you’ll need, but i...
Thursday, Aug. 9, 2012 11:44 am
1 c. sugar 1 1/2 c. white wine vinegar 1/2 c. dry white wine or dry vermouth Place the ingredients in a heavy-bottomed saucepan and bring to a boil over medium high heat.  Stir until...
Thursday, Aug. 2, 2012 05:36 pm
“I would put the emphasis on just looking at where your family is now and seeing what you can do to improve.” That remark by Dr. Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, a University of Minnesota professo...
Thursday, July 26, 2012 07:37 am
As I write this, the sun mercilessly beats down. Our wonderful yard and woods that were lush with ferns, fragrant blooming trees and shrubs, and beautiful flowers for our daughter’s wedding thre...
Thursday, July 12, 2012 02:54 pm
• 2 T. fresh lime juice• 1 T. fish sauce• 1/4 c. light brown sugar• 4 thinly sliced fresh Thai hot chiles OR Serrano chiles, or to taste, optional• 1-2 “burpless” ...


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