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Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012 04:15 pm
Having racked up serious box office and generally favorable reviews with the first three Paranormal Activity films, the producers of the series have finally gone to the well once too often. The fourth...
Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012 01:03 am
While I appreciate Tyler Perry’s desire to branch out from his “Medea” films, which have put him on the map as far as the movie community is concerned, I couldn’t imagine a wor...
Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012 09:40 am
There is no question that Scott Derrickson’s Sinister is a flawed movie. While we expect horror films to test the boundaries where an audience’s suspension of disbelief is concerned, this ...
Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012 12:51 pm
There is far more at play in Martin McDonagh’s Seven Psychopaths than witnessing acts of gruesome violence committed by a collection of certifiable nuts. Well, there is that but the subtext that...
Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012 05:40 pm
The last thing I expected when walking in to see Kevin James’ latest, Here Comes the Boom, was to be surprised by it. Wouldn’t you know it – I was – and pleasantly at that. The...
Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012 06:25 pm
Having stumbled upon a new career path with Taken, Liam Neeson has become the action star of the moment, parlaying the success of that film – which grossed a quarter of a billion dollars worldwi...
Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012 03:30 pm
If there’s a recurring theme in the three films Ben Affleck has directed, it’s that he’s fascinated with how characters react when they’re trapped. Gone Baby Gone dealt with th...
Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012 07:36 am
Jason Moore’s Pitch Perfect tries very hard to be liked, so much so that it winds up grating on the audience rather than charming it. Set in the world of collegiate a cappella competitions (yes,...


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