Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2007 09:50 am

Biography of grandfather reveals dirty laundry

Untitled Document Politics beats a big drum in Springfield, and those disinclined to march to that drum often seek more harmonious cadences elsewhere. This was true for Mark Fout...
Wednesday, June 6, 2007 11:10 pm

Two self-published memoirs prove everybody has a story worth telling

Untitled Document Here are two books by area authors: One describes growing up on a farm near Carthage, 1930-1950; the other is the memoirs of a World War II fighter pilot, compi...
Wednesday, May 30, 2007 04:38 am

Altared looks at weddings from 26 perspectives

Untitled Document Here’s a curious book for June: 26 personal essays on weddings — and, occasionally, nonweddings. They touch on such subjects as plans, preparations,...
Wednesday, May 16, 2007 02:33 pm

Springfield’s Sydney Kling recounts her Peace Corps journey

Untitled Document Springfieldian Sydney Kling wanted to mark her retirement from a nursing career by doing something both different and worthwhile. She gathered her courage, did ...
Wednesday, April 4, 2007 01:42 am

Petrakis weaves a powerful, wrenching tale in Legends of Glory

Untitled Document Harry Mark Petrakis’ newest collection consists of eight short stories and a novella. The short stories are vintage Petrakis, rooted in Chicago’s Gr...
Wednesday, March 28, 2007 09:10 am

Arrington pushed the Statehouse into the modern era

Untitled Document William Russell Arrington — best known as Russ — was a familiar face and factor in the Illinois General Assembly from 1945 to 1973. Moreover, he was...
Wednesday, March 14, 2007 01:22 pm

A look at three women who sparked up early American culture

Untitled Document Looking for emotion, struggle, determination, and accomplishment? They’re all there in Megan Marshall’s The Peabody Sisters, a fascinating look at t...
Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2007 02:32 pm

A nostalgic look at Sangamon’s history-rich neighbor

Untitled Document Arcadia Publishing’s series Images of America enlists various authors to research the history of a certain town or area. Endnotes in the books state ...
Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2007 09:14 pm

Hergé’s meticulously researched comic strip transcends age, language

Untitled Document Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles! In a thundering typhoon! This is the 100th birthday of Belgian author/artist Hergé. The complete Tintin is...


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