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Thursday, Feb. 24, 2005 05:25 am

Welsh rare bits

Super Furry AnimalsSongbook: The Singles, Vol. 1 (XL) Let’s give it up for Wales. As if Dylan Thomas, Bertrand Russell, and John Cale weren’t enough, ...
Thursday, Feb. 24, 2005 03:52 am
Mark Hummel and the Blues Survivors are back in town at the Illinois Central Blues Club Blue Monday Jam at the Alamo (115 N. 5th St., 523-1455). The San Francisco area band is a k...
Thursday, Feb. 17, 2005 03:53 am
An explosion of Springfield songwriters is set to go off at Mojo’s (225 E. Monroe St.) around 8 p.m. Friday, Feb. 18. Included in Reirer “the Proprietor” Deloney...
Thursday, Feb. 17, 2005 10:32 am

Intelligent, innovative, woefully underrated

Bettie ServeertAttagirl (Minty Fresh) Indie rock, like most cultural enterprises, is not a meritocracy. Consider Bettie Serveert, the Amsterdam-based outfit front...
Thursday, Feb. 10, 2005 03:51 am

Usher in the next Legend

John LegendGet Lifted Getting Out Our Dreams/Sony As a producer, rapper, and talent scout, Kanye West effected a kind of hip-hop hegemony in 2004, gobbling up all ...
Thursday, Feb. 10, 2005 03:51 am
 Hop on over to the Forty-Niner Bye-Bye (518 Bruns Lane, 217-787-4937) on Saturday, Feb. 12, from 8:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m., as the lovely and talented Juanita celebrates her birthd...
Thursday, Feb. 3, 2005 10:19 pm

Faithfull finds her final Frankenstein

Marianne Faithfull has led a larger-than-life life, neatly divisible into iconic phases: aristocratic ingenue, folk/pop princess, Stones consort, street junkie, ...
Thursday, Feb. 3, 2005 08:14 am
¥ What’s this — Springfield is discovering Mardi Gras? Well, sort of. Bars along the Fifth Street Strip have banded loosely with the distributor of the world’s top-sel...
Thursday, Jan. 27, 2005 12:44 am
Prepare yourself for the funkifying return of the funktastic, neofunkadelic Freekbass, playing 10 p.m.-2 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 29, at the Underground City Tavern (700 E. Adams St.,...
Thursday, Jan. 27, 2005 08:08 pm

Remembering Junior Kimbrough

Various ArtistsSunday Nights: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough (Fat Possum) Few album concepts are as unappealing as a bunch of irony-fortified, eccentrically coifed white r...


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