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Thursday, June 3, 2010 10:41 am
Based in not-so-faraway Normal, Dan and the gang list themselves as an original rock and roll band, which is pretty cool when you think about it. No hyphens or hype, invented categories or inverted ge...
Thursday, May 27, 2010 03:30 am
Normally this space is reserved for “Springfield’s Celtic house band” during the week of St. Patrick’s Day festivities, but the show at Celtic Mist’s monthly “Hoole...
Thursday, May 20, 2010 01:45 pm
The harmonica surely must be the easiest instrument to learn and the most difficult to master, thereby giving the world a glut of mediocre harp blowers and a handful of skillful players. Kurt Crandall...
Thursday, May 13, 2010 10:00 am
Hailing from a region of Connecticut and western Massachusetts called Connectivania by this six-member rock band, the group claims to “introduce elements of epic ambience and melody unseen by mo...
Thursday, May 6, 2010 10:04 pm
This rock quintet dominated the band scene in Springfield around the turn of the century with energetic live shows, exciting original songs and an incredible base of friends and fans. Originally an ac...
Thursday, April 29, 2010 08:30 am
Please notice this is not until next Thursday, but something as good as this deserves a heads up. Shelley Miller is a fantastic singer and songwriter as well as an accomplished guitarist. She calls Ch...
Thursday, April 22, 2010 10:56 pm
For a couple of decades now, saxophonist Frank Trompeter has continually leveled a creative blast upon the local landscape. From involvement in several popular bands, including elevator shoe and Razin...
Thursday, April 15, 2010 11:15 pm
The Six-String Princess of Texas (Aug. 31, 2006, was Rosie Flores Day in Austin) and Ms. Mighty Music Maker herself made a sparkling Springfield appearance. She was sighted playing a remote corner of ...
Thursday, April 8, 2010 02:17 pm
Two friends with different styles but similar tastes come together to host an all-acoustic night at the Ghost Light Open Mic instigated by local raconteur, impresario and musician Ted Keylon. In 2009 ...
Thursday, April 1, 2010 12:52 pm
Coming from four guys who claim to be, “just some fellas from the Midwest looking to change some lives,” Blackfeet makes a statement by being vague about what they are and being good at wh...


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