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Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010 01:55 pm

Slow cooking is perfect for the annual holiday pot roast, but this year turn it up a notch

The assortment of counter-clogging cookware you need to braise, bake or warm a holiday menu can be replaced by this year’s one must-have appliance: the slow cooker. This trusty tool, which cooks...
Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010 01:55 am

The best gadgets for the (geeky) bookworm on your list

Amazon Kindle $139.99The latest generation of the Kindle makes it easy to lighten the load in a backpack or briefcase. Owners can carry up to 3,500 eBooks in the device – which weighs less than ...
Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010 06:29 am

This year’s tantalizing flavors aren’t exclusive to the dishes you’re preparing, but are shared by the accompanying cocktails.

A hint of peppercorns; the sweet-tart tang of a Meyer lemon. That’s right. The before-dinner drinks are headed to the dining room table. Pairing food with mixed drinks is this season’s hol...
Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010 10:41 pm

Lend a hand to these central Illinois organizations this holiday season.

Helping Hands Of Springfield200 S. 11th Street 217-744-0470Helping Hands of Springfield is a non-profit organization whose mission is “. . . to shelter the homeless, provide support, promote ind...
Thursday, Dec. 17, 2009 01:09 pm
For the music lovers on your gift list, let them know concerts are never expensive when they’re being watched from the comfort of the sofa and music videos don’t have to be a forgotten thi...
Thursday, Dec. 17, 2009 03:04 pm
Lend a hand to these central Illinois organizations this holiday season. Thank you to all of the organizations who participated! Sojourn Shelter and Services, Inc. 1800 Westchester Blvd., 726-51...
Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009 01:40 am
Lend a hand to these central Illinois organizations this holiday season. Check Illinois Times next week for more local wish lists. Send lists to holidaywishlist@illinoistimes.com Forever Home Fe...
Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009 04:43 am

Somebody hit the lights. It’s high time for a little holiday movie mayhem

Home Alone (1990): Young Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) is left behind as his family rushes to make a flight to Paris for their winter vacation. Mayhem ensues when a couple of bumbling burglars t...
Thursday, Dec. 3, 2009 07:43 pm

Red and green aren’t your only options for holiday colors.

The inventor of the standard holiday red-and-green color scheme was probably colorblind - no one with good vision would want to decorate with two colors opposite each other on the color wheel. Escapin...
Thursday, Dec. 3, 2009 03:34 pm

Top Book/Film Adaptations

This year, give them a great story told two ways. First, let them dive into a great read. Then, let them sit back and enjoy the show. Here are six of the best book/film adaptations of the past year th...


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