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Friday, Nov. 22, 2013 12:39 pm
Today, White Oaks Mall welcomes Bachrach, the newest retailer to hit the mall’s changing landscape over the past year. The Bachrach brand is a menswear brand based upon European aesthetics.&nb...
Friday, April 2, 2010 01:06 pm
The hottest news we have to report is that Indigo Restaurant, which has been owned for many years by Jeff Griswold changed hands early this week. Samah Hassani, who work for Griswold for seven years and has been Indigo's manager for the last two and her fiance Mike Novel are the popular upscale restaurant's new owners.     Novel worked in the restaurant business in Miss...
Thursday, April 1, 2010 04:23 pm
No one serves up a better scoop of ice cream than Springfield's own GLENN YANOW, long time proprietor and all time good guy owner of the BASKIN ROBBINS franchise on MacArthur Boulevard, Springfield.  Last week Glenn and thousands of his fellow BR franchisees met up in New Orleans for their annual convention. And Glenn was voted "Franchisee of the Year" for the entire country. ...
Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2010 08:20 pm
I'm a creature of habit - the waitstaff at Town and Country's Dublin Pub see me so often they know what I'll order right down to the request that we move past the iceberg straight to the Romaine. And please don't forget the hot sauce. A couple of weeks ago  this locally owned restaurant doubled my fun.   If you haven't already heard about it: now there is a 2nd location of the already popular  Dublin Pub at Vinegar Hill Mall.    I like the old place just fine, but the new location is brighter and bigger and also has a spacious  bar area with high top tables (my personal favorite, probably because I'm vertically challenged) and a roomy bar with plenty of seats -- as nice as any bar in town if you ask me.    It is great to see Vinegar Hill Mall coming back to life and especially nice to have a new place to meet folks that is near downtown but still walking distance for so many state workers.
Here at IT we've done business with our old friend Joe Rupnik for years and Joe's finger prints are all over this place.   But another old IT friend Flint Maccomber(who managed the Pasta House for many years) is a co-owner in this new venture.    One of Flint's inspirations is the cleverly named Pony Express
Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2010 07:52 pm
The Courtyard Marriott is just a few weeks away from completing a top to bottom renovation ... and they want the world to know what's coming. The westside hotel is at 3462 Freedom Drive -- and soon every guest room, the lobby and Starbuck's coffee shop will be ready for their close up. They promise that even the most seasoned traveler will be impressed.  Call them at 217-793-5300 to ...
Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2010 07:43 pm
Anyone who knows me knows that I'm addicted to public radio news ... and when I'm not listening to that I'm typically shuffling CDs in my car.      I've never been inclined to dial up radio on my computer -- but something crossed my desk earlier this week that made me think I just might give that a re-think.     New music? Artists who aren't part of the music machine?  A chance for  locals to find fame and fortune?  Online and no commercials?     This sounds like fun
Monday, Dec. 7, 2009 01:14 pm
It was a nice surprise to get an email from my old friend Ed Martin letting me know that he and several other local artisans have recently opened a new studio/gallery (cleverly called  Ed Martin Fine Art )  at 1515 South Fifth Street in Springfield.

Ed has been selling his beautiful jewelry and glass work around town and across the country at art shows for many years - but he's ready to be off the road and thus the new space.    His email tells me he's shifted his artistic focus in a new direction
Monday, Dec. 7, 2009 11:15 am
This holiday season we each have a special opportunity to do some extra good - by buying all our holiday gifts at local stores, restaurants and such. Our  local independent merchants have had one heckuva hard year -  a successful Christmas season could make all the difference for them.   That's why the Capital Area Independent Business Alliance introduced the KEEP YOUR MONEY HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS campaign several weeks ago ... to encourage everyone to eat, drink, shop and think LOCAL FIRST. How about buying friends or coworkers a gift card for lunch or dinner?   We have such a great selection of local restaurants around town ...    From Maya Fusion to Maldaner's, Augie's to Amber Jack - a gift card to treat a friend or coworker to lunch or dinner at a local restaurant is a present that does double duty:  your friend will love it AND you'll be helping a local restaurant owner succeed.   (and let's face it:  no one will have to make a return.) 
Shopping for fresh fixin's for a holiday party?   You have lots of choices that won't take you anywhere near a 'big box' grocery.   How about some beautiful fresh shrimp from Robert's Seafood ... or a crown roast from Country Market or fresh ham from Humphrey's . Try Food Fantasies if free-range chicken is more up your alley. If you prefer the artsy presents what about heading over to the gallery at the Prairie Art Alliance or the Illinois State Museum gift shop -- or downtown to the Studio on Sixth or the Blue Door
Monday, Nov. 16, 2009 10:44 am
The Second Annual Central Illinois Foodbank Benefit Concert with The Station AXA Advisors and Planet Playground Records are proud to present the Second Annual Central Illinois Food Bank Benefit Concert Friday November 27th at the Hoogland Center for the Arts at 420 S. 6th St. in Springfield. This year’s musical lineup includes The Station - most recently voted Best Original Band by the ...


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