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Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012 10:03 am

it’s a strange world poem # 1

had some interesting talk at writers group
t’other night yosh told how a stranger came
into the flower shop stood by her and recited
ichi, ni, san, shi, the japanese numbers to ten
yosh has never learned the language she was
nonplussed she recited back at him uno, dos,
tres, cuatro, up to ten the man walked out
peg’s story echoed this she was a teen in
peru they had to memorize the inca kings
from first to atahualpa killed by pizzaro
peg’s spouse john during a conversational
lull at an eatery – we are now in Illinois –
said recite for me the inca kings peg began
manco capac, sinchi roca, lloque yupanqui,
when a nearby stranger stood and recited
the kings in unison with her then returned
to his newspaper as john might say in
one of his poems, now what about that?