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Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012 01:24 pm


Sangamon County prosecutors are mulling whether to file charges against nine former Sacred Heart-Griffin students who filled thousands of paper cups with water and placed them on the floor of a school commons area last May. Those responsible for the senior prank were quickly identified – word soon spread (wonder how that happened) – and school administrators handled the matter by handing out suspensions last spring to the students who are now graduates. Five months after the fact, assistant principal Robert Brenneisen (rhymes with “no sense of humor”) on Oct. 12 filed a criminal complaint with Springfield police, who investigated the matter as a case of trespassing, disorderly conduct, theft (the kids had to filch keys from a teacher to get into the high school in dead of night) and criminal damage to property (water was spilled on some sort of artwork when the cups were picked up). Brenneisen, who declined comment, called the cops after discovering a video on Youtube that includes footage of the pranksters committing the dastardly deed and bragging about it. State’s attorney John Milhiser says the matter is under review. Confidential to Brenneisen: There are dozens upon dozens of videos on Youtube showing pranksters setting of paper cups filled with water on floors of high schools throughout the land. The police have more important things to do than write reports about it, and prosecutors have weightier matters on their desks than this. Move on.