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Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012 10:52 am


Upon further review, Sacred Heart-Griffin High School administrators have apparently decided not to demand prosecution of nine former students who placed thousands of paper cups filled with water on the floor of a common area last spring as a senior prank.

“No criminal charges will be filed, period,” said Sangamon County state’s attorney John Milhiser, whose office ended up with the case three weeks ago after SHG assistant principal Robert Brenneisen called police five months after the prank upon discovering a Youtube video that showed the students placing the cups on the floor and boasting about their feat. “This case has been reviewed by my office and discussed with SHG.”

On the video made last spring, the students said that school administrators had promised to handle the matter in-house if they came forward. The students participated in graduation ceremonies after serving detentions. Five months after the fact, however, police investigated the matter as a theft (the students had to steal keys to get into the school after hours), disorderly conduct, trespassing and criminal damage to property (some water was spilled on student artwork when the cups were picked up).