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Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2012 09:45 am


Gov. Pat Quinn can’t catch a break these days. He’s hounded at nearly every public appearance by angry union workers because of his efforts to cut union pay, renege on contractual raises and close state facilities like the Jacksonville Developmental Center. The recent election may have rendered his executive veto power moot, as both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly will soon hold Democratic majorities large enough to override Quinn’s veto pen. And on Monday, Quinn’s administration released a website,, focusing on pension reform and featuring a cartoon snake named Squeezy the Pension Python. The same day, the website’s accompanying Facebook page was swamped with retirees and union workers lambasting both the website and Quinn himself. While Quinn’s new website didn’t offer any actual ideas for pension reform, commenters didn’t hesitate to offer their own ideas, such as stripping politicians of their pensions and enacting term limits for lawmakers. Quinn is calling on the General Assembly to enact pension reform before the new crop of legislators is sworn in on Jan. 9. With a problem that is decades in the making and no agreement on what needs to happen, something tells us Quinn is in for another disappointment.