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Thursday, March 14, 2013 06:03 pm


Guess who showed up last Friday at Illinois State Police headquarters at the same time as we did to pick up a copy of reports on the DUI arrest of state auditor general William Holland? Calvin Christian. And how are things at Springfield Leaks, Calvin? “I’m not part of them, but I know who they are,” responded Christian, who is the son of the publisher of Pure News USA. Sure. Guessing who is behind Springfield Leaks, the website ( that dishes on courthouse happenings and police blotter stuff from the anonymous safety of cyberspace, has been something of a parlor game. When we asked for an interview, we got an email straight from the keyboard of a masked caped crusader: “We’re trying to keep our identity kind of secret due to we have some stories that will be coming out and if individuals are identified as behind it, then it could mean danger and possible prosecution.” Oh. Based on photos that appear to come from inside the yellow tape and police-speak in stories that includes such acronyms as TRU (tactical response unit) and HNT (hostage negotiation team) and ERT (emergency response team), it’s a safe bet that a cop is involved. And we would never suggest that Mr. Christian is also in on this. Never.