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Thursday, April 25, 2013 06:59 am


The Sangamon County Medical Society Alliance awarded 11 grants to 10 local nonprofit organizations and three Medical Alliance Health Program certificates.

The grants were given to organizations that provide: community vegetable gardens, parent and child cooking classes, hot meals to children after school, bullying awareness programs, parent counseling and support, medical care and prescriptions, children’s health books, diapers and household goods, plus food and support for sick children and their families.

Among the groups awarded grants were organizations created by medical society members. During the year money is raised by the alliance members to fund groups their members own and operate.

Member Pat Graham recognized the need for parents to have access to immediate assistance. Graham helped create the Parent Help Line at St. John’s Children’s Hospital.  The Parent Help Line is open seven days a week and is a resource for parents when they have questions or concerns.

Fellow member Dr. Kemia Sarraf saw the need to fight childhood obesity and created genHkids, Inc. The organization helps promote healthy habits among children through education, empowerment, nourishment and physical activity.

Both Parent Help Line and genHkids,Inc. received funding from the alliance.