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Thursday, Sept. 28, 2006 05:59 pm

People's Poetry

Jacqueline Jackson presents

aroundtown poem #12

for a long time until they kicked me
out I belonged to the
vachel lindsay
association I still have a soft spot
for vachel rhymes with rachel
and all that my schoolkids
did with further variations on his
moon poems then what about those
dancing potatoes kicking up
the sand anyway we tried tried tried
to get vachel on a postage stamp
that grand picture of him arm
upraised declaiming but no go
I presume they’re still petitioning
now we’re having curious george
and thing one and thing two
don’t forget wild things and
charming pig olivia even wilbur
our home town poet can’t compete
hey vachel can you hear me are you
up there somewhere laughing

© Jacqueline Jackson 2006