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Thursday, Aug. 14, 2003 02:20 pm

Bards of the Sangamo 8-14-03

By Lee Gurga

And for those of us who have Seabiscuit on our minds . . .

Hooves Pounding

Capitol Teletrack contains the fascinating world of horseracing.
I've gone there in winter to warm, bet races, and get something to eat.
I've gone there in summer to cool, play races, and beat the heat.
At times Lady Luck was with me, but too often she would flee.
Then I'd start over looking for that new lady with whom I'd be pleased.

I remember looking at my latest interest in the day's program with intrigue.
I spotted her in Belmont's first race, an allowance with nine dams to compete.
She had great lines, works, she really looked fleet.
In her last two she left her opponents in her own dust with ease!
She had great position, too, coming out of pole no. three.

So I fell for her big like a sailor long at sea
Knowing in my gut that she'd likely be a tease.
As usual my gut was as true as could be.
I watched her finish far back after an eternity.

--John Coss

Local poets were writing about contemporary events in the Sangamo Journal as early as the 1830s. People's Poetry wants you to share your thoughts on what's happening in Springfield today--in poetic form. Poems on any subject will be considered, but ones that deal with issues of local interest are encouraged. Send yours to poetry editor Lee Gurga, P.O. Box 662, Lincoln, IL 62656, or to with "Bards of the Sangamo" in the subject line. (Please limit your submissions to poems of 14 lines or less.)