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Wednesday, April 1, 2009 07:05 am

Danger: Baby BOTTLES


If you’re concerned about what your baby sticks in his mouth, add his bottle to the list.

That’s the message behind the Child-Safe Chemicals Act, a proposed Illinois law that would outlaw baby bottles, sippy cups and any other children’s food containers that contain the chemical bisphenol-A.

BPA is found in polycarbonate plastic, used to manufacture baby and water bottles, DVDs and electronics, and epoxy resins, used to coat the inside of food and beverage cans.

Max Muller, program director of Environment Illinois, says studies have shown that BPA mimics estrogen and can disrupt human development. Everyone comes into contact with the chemical, he explains, but infants are more susceptible to BPA and its effects.

“Ninety-five percent of baby bottles on the market are made with this,” Muller says. “Children’s daily exposure to BPA is up to 20 times higher than most adults, in part because such a large portion of their food comes from containers made with BPA.”

Sunoco, a major gas and chemical manufacturer, announced earlier this month that it would no longer sell BPA to companies that use the chemical to make food and water containers for children under 3 years old. Six major manufacturers, including Playtex Products, Gerber, and Evenflow, and national retailers like Wal-mart and Babies “R” Us have also decided to stop the sale and distribution of baby products containing BPA.