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Thursday, Aug. 20, 2009 04:38 am

artsycraftsy poem #1

there’s this college kid, see, who
due to inspiration or a few beers
stole several of those barrels
striped orange-and-white that
surround road construction he spent
a few hours making a fifteen-foot
creature thumbing a ride returned
the monster to the roadside he was
apprehended of course the hitchhiker
destroyed can’t remember the sentence
a fine community service maybe a
little jail time but the interesting thing
people loved the barrel behemoth
so did the firm that makes the barrels
they want him to construct another
maybe it will stand on their landscaped
lawns be their logo I’m not sure there’s
a moral to this tale except I admire art
boldness inspiration action humor the
kid didn’t swipe any barrels whose lack
would send a pedestrian or motorist
plunging into a tar pit I’m pretty certain