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Thursday, Aug. 27, 2009 10:08 am

featherspoem # 9

hummingbirds we thought but why nesting so late in the season and on a hemlock bough over the dock where on rare sunny days we lie on our backs watch their comings and goings they fly like hummingbirds nest looks right but how can eggs or nestlings survive our thrashing downpours they’d be tossed out or drowned well turns out they’re finches audubon says we have only ruby-throat hummers in these parts and of our pair one is yellow one brown they nest late for they’re seed eaters and have to wait for thistles we enjoy them no less today a huge osprey was struggling on shore I didn’t see his fish thought he was tangled in fishline no it was just dinner a first for me

Jacqueline Jackson 2009