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Thursday, Sept. 24, 2009 10:09 am

valueofbooks poem #2

a librarian told me this got it
from her friend at west branch
so it’s true I can supply names
an elderly woman reported a
lost book wanted to pay for it
the librarian said why don’t you
just wait a little longer it will
probably turn up no said the
woman I want to pay for it now
the librarian remonstrated if
you’ll wait a little longer look
around some more — the woman
interrupted look honey you don’t
understand you’re not getting
that book back my husband was
half through it when he died I
put a marker in it and tucked it
in his casket my friend’s friend
did not know what to reply I read
recently a quote by someone
whose idea of heaven was one vast
library I picture this husband after
the last page looking around for
where to return the volume to its
proper space on the celestial shelf