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Thursday, Oct. 22, 2009 01:44 pm


“Beatle Bob” Bartel doesn’t like to be called a fanatic.

However, the Springfield resident does like adding to the extensive collection of Beatles memorabilia he and his wife Janice have amassed – around 5,000 pieces, he estimates.

But the Bartels say they would like to do more with their artifacts.They are planning a museum dedicated to the pop culture of the ’50s and ’60s, which they say would be a great fit for Springfield.

“This is becoming a museum-bound town,” Bob Bartel says. “I’ve been thinking about what would serve the community in a very interesting, educational, pop-cultural setting....”

Bartel says the museum could create about 60 jobs and bring in thousands of visitors each year. There’s at least one problem: The Bartels say they don’t know where to start, so the couple is  looking for advisors and investors to help get their idea off the ground.

“We’d love to do this here in Springfield,” Bob Bartel says. “We just don’t know who to talk to. We just need a little help.”

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