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Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2009 11:29 am



What do you mean you had no idea there was a band from central Illinois that just signed to a record label? Renae, a local, hard-hitting, hard-working, sorta, indie-rock band just hooked up with Hotfoot Records out of New York with all the good intentions of taking their sound national. The band, featuring Stephen, Brad, Benny and now Kasey Lee, has roots in Hillsboro, but they are intent on spreading themselves across the universe. With more than 400 shows played since the quartet’s inception in 2005, including 120 gigs in 2009 alone, Renae believes in taking it to the people. This DIY mentality paid dividends in CDs sold as their last EP, The Coward, The Storm, The Outlaw, sold more than 4,000 copies just from touring and selling person to person. Hotfoot Records saw the light, signed the band and released another EP, …and hell follows, this month. Good luck and watch for pitfalls and potholes while taking your music to the world. Catch these guys while you can at the coolest venue around, the Black Sheep Cafe.

Black Sheep Café
Jan. 1, 7pm