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Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010 02:21 pm

lovepoem #7

I long to be back with pam hiking 
the cornwall coast the waves far below 
curling then crashing but there’s no pam
to hike with anymore I long to be back
with jessie amid the bluebells in the
dorset lanes laughing at what her mum
had to say on everything “ketchup is
an insult to the cook” and “men are a
necessary nuisance” but there’s now
no jessie to laugh with I long to be back
on white horse hill listening to the larks
looking down the apron where the lambs’
treble voices the ewes’ middle voices the
great rams’ bass voices echo then walking
the ridgeway to wayland’s smithy the
ancient burial barrow I long to be back
in the bodlien with chad and eva turning 
the great pages of ancient books later
searching unkempt st cross cemetery
nearby for kenneth graham’s grave among
the willows but there’s no chad and eva
anymore I just want to be back be back
be back while there’s still a me to be back
I’ll take you with me will you come