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Thursday, Feb. 25, 2010 01:02 am

publiclibrary jumprope rhyme #1

city city count the cost
how many book folk have we lost?
no one reads any more
let us set the record straight
nine ten eleven twelve
who is left,  books to shelve?
don’t you think that is plenty?
no we  have to can some more
so lets scrap another score
oky-doke we’re saving dough
no one reads, let them go

city, city, count the cost
how many branches have we lost?
north it was the first to go
near northsiders loved it so
west is shuttered though it had
busy patrons, lass and lad
now southeast is going too
patrons cry boo hoo hoo hoo
all the kids for story time
all the teen agers on line
that’s ok, a saving caper
wrap ‘em up in butcher paper
send ‘em down the elevator
stack ‘em on the bottom floor
no one reads anymore

readers, readers, what will help?
shout and scream, yell and yelp?
it’s never worked but try a coup—
take out books, take out a slew
take them out from roof to floor
pile them by the mayor’s door
how many books should we check out?
keep on going more and more . . .