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Thursday, March 11, 2010 01:01 am

demopoem # 1

with all the interest in the film
julie and julia and also local
cooking schools let me tell you a
story about my springfield friend
tom(doc)durr he was attending
the culinary institute of america
when julia child came to visit
the white-clad students lined up
respectfully at long tables behind
their designated specialties while
julia accompanied by famed
chefs and dignitaries reviewed
the troops doc had a whole
raw chicken splayed in front
of him when julia reached his
station he barked “demo!” the
culinary order to demonstrate
julia promptly peeled her gloves
and dismembered the chicken
on the spot to the delight of
everyone except the chefs and
grand dukes who could have
swung cleavers right through
doc’s head too bad that scene
wasn’t in the movie n’est-ce pas?