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Thursday, June 10, 2010 01:40 am

poem: all roads lead to ...

ever since that great toad of a
walmart went up off south sixth
smothering the green field wait
I like toads they’re good for the
garden so spell it with a “u”
no that word also means good
stuff the cow pats kept our fields
fertile well anyway ever since
then I’ve avoided that route to the
university going instead through
the area some poll named as one
of the ten worst neighborhoods
in the country that stretch by
withrow school however last week
forced to drive the old way I came
through the maze of new concrete
to what would be the extension of
eighth street whenever they cut
through the woods spotted the sign
some wag in the city’s employ
has named it “octavus via” he must
have once had elizabeth graham
at springfield high remembered a
little latin I laughed out loud was
glad to find in springfield’s sprawl
something worth laughing about