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Thursday, Aug. 26, 2010 06:47 pm



About five months ago, Mike Williams, former guitarist in the Lost Boys and Misspent Youth, devised a strategy to form a band. He invited fellow central Illinois music “vets” Kortney Leatherwood (Sleepwalker, 808, Stone Giants) on guitar, Perry Zubeck (Cats on Holiday) on keyboards, Steve Gragert (Dirty Ernies) on bass and Shaun Tobin (Lost Boys) on drums, to join the plan. Each member brought a wish list of 15 songs to rehearsal — tunes they always wanted to do but never did with previous groups. The end result formed an astonishing amalgam of song selection ranging from Marvin Gaye to Queen, Blink 182 to Boz Scaggs, Michael Jackson to Janet Jackson, Toto to Radiohead. Led by the lead vocals of Leatherwood and Zubeck, all members sing, adding exponentially to the potential of this new-on-the scene group. The band debuts this weekend and hopes to continue refinement while inducing enjoyment throughout the fall and winter then hit the local fair and festival circuit in 2011.

Sat, Aug 28, 9pm
Frankie’s 49er