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Thursday, Sept. 23, 2010 05:17 pm

In Memoriam: Damaris Jackson

Jan. 15, 1954—Sept. 19, 2010

in england after my first child was born
I wrote my parents about the baby blues
how I felt totally skinless as though
every nerve was outside exposed
paining stinging maybe it was explained
hormonally even then but my theory amid
pain was one I’d never heard before the
realization that along with incredible joy
I’d also brought death into the world this
blessed beautiful babe would someday die

*    *    *
It is all the points of joy in between that
we count. She loved singing, art, dance,
her viola, gardening, all her family, all
her many friends. She did not want to leave
us. Resquiescat in pace, loved, beloved Demi.