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Thursday, April 26, 2012 03:31 pm

Go global


Were you tucked inside your house on Earth Day? Show this ole globe you give a care and head out this Saturday, April 28 to Erin’s Pavilion at Southwind Park for the Earth Awareness Fair. You and your family will learn a wealth of environmental information from numerous vendors. There's also live music, games, activities, giveaways and free rides to and from the event on the SMTD Southwind Park route. Rain won’t stop the festivities – don’t let anything stop you. Plant it in your head to share the day with others looking to help or heal the planet. The perfect place to do that is at Springfield's own Southwind Park, a model for the nation of a green and accessible park. Hosted by the City of Springfield and CWLP.

Earth Awareness Fair
Saturday, Apr. 28, 10am-2pm
Erin’s Pavilion, Southwind Park
4965 S. Second Street