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Thursday, April 24, 2003 02:20 pm

Your Turn... 4-24-03

A patriot acts . . .

To the editor.

I just finished perusing the April 17-23 copy of the Illinois Times and found not one positive word about what our brave troops accomplished in Iraq. Considering what they have just done, I found it shameful that your paper ignored them. The only words in your paper about the war came from an opinion article by Professor Larry Golden ["From the top down"]. I found his article to be repulsive but typical of what is being taught in our universities throughout this great country. The theme of his article is about the inadequacy of the American representative democracy. Yes, we have a representative democracy and that means we elect people to represent us; it seems obvious to me we should expect those we elect to be leaders, and not weak individuals who must poll the very people who elected them prior to making a decision on their behalf.

Bob Ruble

Larry Golden responds:
Putting aside his comments about the "repulsive" nature of the article, I agree more with Mr. Ruble's comments than he might think. My point was that the people who we elected to represent us did not act in any discernible fashion with regard to this war. There was virtually no debate or public discussion by our representatives, leaving the executive to act freely.


. . . while another sees "un-American activity" in our government

Thanks to the Times and to Larry Golden for the opinion piece, "From the top down--The inadequacy of American representative democracy."

It is a very insightful article and certainly gives voice to my concerns over the last several months. Rather than the war itself, which can be justified if war can ever be justified, it is the way the decisions have been made that has alarmed me. We are seeing an awful lot of un-American activity in our government these days.

Marcia Salner