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Curses, foiled again• Yafait Tadesse went to prison for stealing names and Social Security numbers of a dozen people and using the stolen identities to claim tax refunds. The bogus returns instructe...]]>
Praymate of the month Praymate of the month
Curses, foiled againMichigan authorities identified Jules Bahler, 21, as the suspect in three bank robberies after he posted his picture on Facebook holding a submachine gun like the one used in the h...]]>
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The owner of a Springfield head shop says he fears bankruptcy in the wake of a raid by federal agents who emptied his store of pipes and suspected synthetic marijuana. That Traveling Treasures on Chatham Road was selling pipes and so-called incense t...]]>
Litigation nation Litigation nation
Curses, foiled againCarlos Ruiz, 42, stole a sound system and other values from a home in Haddon Township, N.J., according to police, who identified him as their suspect after he returned a half-hour ...]]>
Science schmience Science schmience
Curses, foiled againA clerk at a Radio Shack in Clearwater, Fla., identified Andre T. Puskas, 20, as the suspect who tried to rob the store because Puskas worked there. The clerk told police that Pusk...]]>
Litterbuggery - News Quirks 3/20/14 Litterbuggery - News Quirks 3/20/14
Curses, foiled again• Stephen Furr, 48, denied breaking into a Boston home and stealing copper pipe from a boiler, even after police found him hiding beneath the basement stairs with a pipe cutter (...]]>
Problems solved Problems solved
Curses, foiled againGene Richins, 31, broke into a jewelry store in Sandy, Utah, by climbing down through the ceiling but then set off a motion-detector alarm. “The alarms were going off this whole ...]]>
The next winter Olympics event - News Quirks 3/6/14 The next winter Olympics event - News Quirks 3/6/14
 Curses, foiled again• Denver police arrested four burglary suspects who tried to sell stolen goods back to their victim. Lacinda Robinson, 24, said that after discovering the crime, she went t...]]>
Slightest provocation Slightest provocation
Curses, foiled againA man walked into a bank in Antioch, Calif., and handed the teller a note. She couldn’t make it out because of the bad handwriting and showed it to the manager to help her deciph...]]>
Mistaken identity - Newsquirks 2/20/14 Mistaken identity - Newsquirks 2/20/14
Curses, foiled again• British authorities said habitual burglar Daniel Severn, 27, got his foot caught while climbing through a bathroom window of a house in Howden and wound up hanging upside down ...]]>
Small jobs Small jobs
Curses, foiled againDuring an apparent robbery attempt in a parking lot in Portland, Ore., a 40-year-old man shot a 32-year-old man in the leg. The shooter fled, but his getaway ended when he accident...]]>
Brain freeze - Newsquirks 2/6/14 Brain freeze - Newsquirks 2/6/14
Curses, foiled again• Police investigating a burglary in Iowa City, Iowa, identified Carloss D. Sanders, 20, as their suspect after they found a debit card issued to him at the scene and then follow...]]>
Property rites Property rites
Curses, foiled again• Responding to a complaint that an armed neighbor tried to kick in the door and burglarize a home in Spokane, Wash., police found that suspect Brent Nouwels, 32, had returned to...]]>
First things first First things first
Curses, foiled againA group of young men was robbing a man in San Francisco when, without provocation, one of them pulled out a handgun and fired at the victim. The bullet ricocheted off the victim’...]]>
The new Christmas story The new Christmas story
Curses, foiled againDrug suspect Miles Parrotta, 46, tried to avoid arrest by fleeing from sheriff’s deputies in Cortland, N.Y., on a bicycle. His getaway ended when he crashed into the back of a pa...]]>
Problem solved (Chinese style) Problem solved (Chinese style)
Curses, foiled againPolice charged Nace Eugene Houchin Jr., 33, with murdering a woman in Williamsburg, Va., after they found a handwritten note in his wallet “confessing to the homicide,” accordi...]]>
Personal pronouns - Newsquirks 12/26/13 Personal pronouns - Newsquirks 12/26/13
Curses, foiled again• Police investigating 15 home burglaries in and around Lakewood, Colo., identified Brandon Campbell, 27, as their suspect because he was wearing a GPS ankle monitor that placed ...]]>
Sunny daze - Newsquirks 12/19/13 Sunny daze - Newsquirks 12/19/13
Curses, foiled again• Police investigating a burglary in Lake Worth, Fla., identified Derek Codd, 19, as their suspect because he left his cellphone at the scene, and his mother called. Investigator...]]>
Woe is us Woe is us
Curses, foiled againJohnny Deleon, 20, was thwarted in his attempt to steal hubcaps from cars parked outside a restaurant in Harris County, Texas, where law officers were holding a retirement party. A...]]>
Wearable food or edible footwear - News Quirks 12/5/13 Wearable food or edible footwear - News Quirks 12/5/13
Curses, foiled again• Authorities thwarted a high school student’s plan to kill a classmate after he warned the intended victim on Facebook that he was bringing a gun to school to “pop” the bo...]]>
Put on a happy face Put on a happy face
Curses, foiled againAssistant manager Ariel Sinclair, 23, stole nearly $6,000 from a drug store’s lottery machine after using its fingerprint-recognition feature to unlock it, according to police in...]]>
Opportunity knocks Opportunity knocks
Curses, foiled againInvestigators concluded that Lucas Burke, 21, and Ethan Keeler, 20, broke into a landscaping business in Hopkinton, N.H., and tried to open a locked safe with an acetylene cutting ...]]>
Firebuggery Firebuggery
 Curses, foiled againu  Police who broke up a dog-fighting ring in Florence County, S.C., apprehended fleeing suspect Edward Windham, 32, after one of the dogs involved “took him down,” ...]]>
He’s got a gub - 11/7/13 He’s got a gub - 11/7/13
Nearly 100 patrons fled a theater at a shopping mall in Tigard, Ore., when a woman shouted “gun” after a man in his 70s urinated on a 14-year-old boy during the movie Prisoners. Police said the woman, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, wasn’t aware of the urination incident or ensuing scuffle between the man and the boy’s father, but thought she heard someone say “gun�...]]>
Never forget - 10/31/13 Never forget - 10/31/13
Curses, foiled againPolice accused three men of breaking into a home near Palatka, Fla., photographing its contents and then posting the pictures on Facebook, offering to sell any and all pictured ite...]]>
News Quirks 10/24/13 News Quirks 10/24/13
Curses, foiled again• Samantha Ellen Ward, 24, presented a driver’s license and debit card to withdraw money from a bank in Boynton Beach, Fla., but the teller looked up the account, noted the lic...]]>
News Quirks 10/17/13 News Quirks 10/17/13
Curses, foiled againWhen an unidentified burglar entered a San Francisco bank through a ventilation shaft, he triggered a silent alarm. Police Chief Greg Suhr said that when officers responded, the 23...]]>
News Quirks 10/10/13 News Quirks 10/10/13
Curses, foiled again• Police investigating break-ins at dozens of businesses in Montgomery County, Md., identified Andre Antonio Henry, 30, as their suspect in what authorities termed a one-person �...]]>
News Quirks 10/3/13 News Quirks 10/3/13
Curses, foiled againNew Zealand authorities nabbed a Vietnamese man at the Auckland airport trying to smuggle tropical fish into the country after they noticed his bulging pants pockets were leaking. ...]]>
News Quirks 9/26/13 News Quirks 9/26/13
Curses, foiled again• While neighboring groups of campers at Scotland’s Loch Earn argued, Barry McCutcheon, 25, who was camping between them, asked them to calm down, prosecutor John Malpas...]]>