IllinoisTimes - Capital City BIZ BUZZ Tue, 30 Jun 15 00:00:00 -0500 en hourly 1 Bachrach comes to mall Bachrach comes to mall
Today, White Oaks Mall welcomes Bachrach, the newest retailer to hit the mall’s changing landscape over the past year. The Bachrach brand is a menswear brand based upon European aesthetics.&nb...]]>
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New owners at Indigo Restaurant New owners at Indigo Restaurant
The hottest news we have to report is that Indigo Restaurant, which has been owned for many years by Jeff Griswold changed hands early this week. Samah Hassani, who work for Griswold for seven years and has been Indigo's manager for the last two and her fiance Mike Novel are the popular upscale restaurant's new owners.     Novel worked in the restaurant business in Miss...]]>
Big honors for Glenn Yanow Big honors for Glenn Yanow
No one serves up a better scoop of ice cream than Springfield's own GLENN YANOW, long time proprietor and all time good guy owner of the BASKIN ROBBINS franchise on MacArthur Boulevard, Springfield.  Last week Glenn and thousands of his fellow BR franchisees met up in New Orleans for their annual convention. And Glenn was voted "Franchisee of the Year" for the entire country. ...]]>
Listen to the new music ... online, urban Listen to the new music ... online, urban
Anyone who knows me knows that I'm addicted to public radio news ... and when I'm not listening to that I'm typically shuffling CDs in my car.      I've never been inclined to dial up radio on my computer -- but something crossed my desk earlier this week that made me think I just might give that a re-think.     New music? Artists who aren't part of the music machine?&nbs...]]>
Spiffing up the Marriott ... Spiffing up the Marriott ...
The Courtyard Marriott is just a few weeks away from completing a top to bottom renovation ... and they want the world to know what's coming. The westside hotel is at 3462 Freedom Drive -- and soon every guest room, the lobby and Starbuck's coffee shop will be ready for their close up. They promise that even the most seasoned traveler will be impressed.  Call them at 217-793-5300 to ...]]>
Seeing double: an all new Dubln Pub Seeing double: an all new Dubln Pub
I'm a creature of habit - the waitstaff at Town and Country's Dublin Pub see me so often they know what I'll order right down to the request that we move past the iceberg straight to the Romaine. And please don't forget the hot sauce. A couple of weeks ago  this locally owned restaurant doubled my fun.   If you haven't already heard about it: now there is a 2nd location ...]]>
Who is going to win the $1000??? Who is going to win the $1000???
This holiday season we each have a special opportunity to do some extra good - by buying all our holiday gifts at local stores, restaurants and such. Our  local independent merchants have had one heckuva hard year -  a successful Christmas season could make all the difference for them.   That's why the Capital Area Independent Business Alliance introduced the KEEP YOUR MONEY H...]]>
Ed Martin's new studio Ed Martin's new studio
It was a nice surprise to get an email from my old friend Ed Martin letting me know that he and several other local artisans have recently opened a new studio/gallery (cleverly called  Ed Martin Fine Art )  at 1515 South Fifth Street in Springfield. Ed has been selling his beautiful jewelry and glass work around town and across the country at art shows for many years - but he's ready to be ...]]>
Give these animals a home for the holidays Give these animals a home for the holidays
Holidays aren't just a hard time for people in need; they're also a hard time for animals in need. In the spirit of the season, animal shelters are urging potential Forever Home-owners to consider a new pet. The APL is offering a special deal on black cats. Sadly, black is the least desirable color for pet cats, and these poor little guys have fallen to the wayside in favor of the...]]>
Someone's going to win $1000! Someone's going to win $1000!
Hopefully by now you’ve heard about the Capital Area Independent Business Alliance and our holiday campaign KEEP YOUR MONEY HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS.  The campaign runs from November 1 through December 15 and the message is oh so simple:         Don’t shop in St. Louis, or Chicago. Don’t make that trip to the mall in Peoria or Bloomington. Don&r...]]>
Rock out for a cause Rock out for a cause
The Second Annual Central Illinois Foodbank Benefit Concert with The Station AXA Advisors and Planet Playground Records are proud to present the Second Annual Central Illinois Food Bank Benefit Concert Friday November 27th at the Hoogland Center for the Arts at 420 S. 6th St. in Springfield. This year’s musical lineup includes The Station - most recently voted Best Original Band by the ...]]>
Eat, drink, shop, think LOCAL FIRST Eat, drink, shop, think LOCAL FIRST
You always have a choice where you spend your money. If you aren't already a believer in the cause of LOCAL FIRST, I urge you to consider what this town is going to look like in 10 years. Will there be anything on Veteran's Parkway that isn't regional / national?  Will there be anything (other than a road sign) that says we're in Springfield vs any city USA? I’ve been in the weekly...]]>
Interurban celebration Interurban celebration
Celebrate the future of biking in Springfield at the re-opening of the Interurban bike trail this Sunday, October 25, 1:00 PM at MacArthur Tunnel.   For those of us involved with the MacArthur Boulevard Business Association there is little better news we could hope for than a completion of this project - and the successful reopening of this bike trail, one of the only progressive things happeni...]]>
Dane's Discount ... another casualty among the independents Dane's Discount ... another casualty among the independents
While I have to admit I've only visited a few times, it is a sad thing to see that Dane's Discount (the local incarnation of a 'Big Lots' on steroids store on Stevenson Drive) is closing its doors. Several years (and thousands of concrete benches and lions) into it's tenure in Springfield's retail scene, Dane's was one of those places you could buy huge quantities of toothpaste at bargain price...]]>
Let them eat bread Let them eat bread
It’s the Irish in me – but wheat or rye, multigrain or oat, bread would be my food of choice if I had to choose just one thing to sustain me for life. For that reason (as well as the fact that I like seeing small businesses come to town) here’s a hearty welcome to Chris Tarpley and Great Harvest Bread, a ‘freedom franchise’ opening soon at Montvale Plaza on Iles...]]>
Taste the local flavors Tuesday Taste the local flavors Tuesday
My  friend Karen Conn is hosting the Local Flavors luncheon at the Inn at 835 (835 South Second Street) next Tuesday the 20th ... If you don't know about this culinary event - it was organized by the Illinois Stewardship Alliance, a non profit group that bring lower growers together with restaurant and catering firms to encourage all of us in the food chain to buy fresh, buy local! &nbsp...]]>
That General Tso sure gets around That General Tso sure gets around
In recent months the strip center at Montvale Plaza (across from west side Schnuck’s) has had so many businesses coming and going  it was hard to keep track.  Last month Sunny China House opened in the space next door to Little Caesar’s (which was either the space that used to be the Spaghetti Shop (that moved across Iles to the space that had been occupied by Monical&rs...]]>
Man vs. good lord, my mouth's on fire Man vs. good lord, my mouth's on fire
Wednesday, watch as Man vs. Food’s Adam Richman eschews “chili” for chilLi the Springfield way. In the Springfield-based episode, taped in July, Richman visits Springfield favorites D’Arcy’s Pint and Cozy Dog Drive-In, sampling local delicacies such as the horseshoe and hot dog on a stick. The titular premise, however, comes into play when he visits Joe Rogers&rsq...]]>
Everything is coming up 'pink' Everything is coming up 'pink'
I put out the word that I wanted to hear about events with a ‘pink’ theme (supporting breast cancer awareness and research) --- here are two more. This Thursday October 8th The Lincoln Land Community College Loggers volleyball team is hosting its fourth annual "pink" game. The game starts at 6 p.m. The Loggers (24-6) and Lewis and Clark Trailblazers (7-14) will go pink in Cass ...]]>
Bras for the cause Bras for the cause
There are many events planned to celebrate breast cancer awareness month. Please send me your announcements to and I’ll feature each of them. Here’s the first and it’s a fun one: Kim Dixon at The Wardrobe (830 South Grand Avenue West) has invited a group of local folks to add some bling and zing to otherwise ordinary bras … and co...]]>
This flea market is fabulous! This flea market is fabulous!
If you haven’t had a chance to wander around Springfield’s Flea Market to Fabulous (at Spring and Lawrence) you owe it to yourself to make the trip.   Yep, this is the place that had more than a little storm damage to the older of their two buildings a couple of weeks ago. (Its the old brick one with the chairs hanging off the windows that is now surrounded by some yellow tape - w...]]>
Thanks to the 1700 who’ve already voted in the BEST OF SPRINGFIELD 2009 poll. The online voting remains open until midnight, Wednesday September 30 … but there’s no time like the present to let your voice be heard. (The paper ballot in the paper must be received in our office by close of business on Wednesday the 30th … so if you’re determined to vote the ol...]]>
While you are sleeping While you are sleeping
Springfield continues to have a large homeless population. And while you and I are tucked in our warm cushy beds there are people on our city streets hoping for a warm blanket or sleeping bag to shield them from these unusually chilly mornings. If you have items to share please call Peg Knoepfle - 793-5074 - to make arrangements....]]>
Let's go to the dogs...and cats Let's go to the dogs...and cats
I must get about 4 emails a week from Carol Rodgers - a dedicated volunteer with the local Animal Protective League. I don't know about you, but I have a very soft spot for pets of all kinds; I believe that there is special place in heaven for people who take care of these creatures who can't take care of themselves.  Carol, you go girl!   This would be a great weekend to find a new furry f...]]>
Who has time to be sick with the flu??? Who has time to be sick with the flu???
One of our Capital Area Independent Business members sent this news item: SIU School of Medicine will present a seminar on H1N1 FLU Pandemic Preparedness For Businesses and Organizations  Wednesday, September 30, 2009 Dove Conference Center of Prairie Heart Institute 8:00am to 1:00pm $25.00 To register CME & CEUs available ...]]>
Here kitty, kitty, kitty ... Here kitty, kitty, kitty ...
Welcome home kitties … Welcome home … %uFFFDHave you heard about the plans for the FOREVER HOME FELINE RANCH? Brenda Barton and friends have formed this 501c3 organization and are working hard raising money to purchase a home and land to provide a ‘forever home’ for cats in need. A primary goal is to eliminate euthanasia as a remedy for over-population, change in ...]]>
Springfield could be run over by a train ... Springfield could be run over by a train ...
Thanks to Michelle Higginbotham and her merry band of protestors, the effort to fight the expansion of freight traffic on the 3rd Street tracks in Springfield is now at fever pitch.%uFFFD%uFFFD Working with the Enos Park Neighborhood Association, DSI, the medical district plus city and county officials this group has done an excellent job of raising%uFFFD awareness of the problems the Union Pacif...]]>
Speaking of potential and MacArthur Boulevard Speaking of potential and MacArthur Boulevard
As I drove home for lunch today I noticed the electrico workers were high in the air installing traffic lights at Junction Circle and MacArthur Boulevard. Which means an actual extension to I72 can’t be too far away. At last week’s MacArthur Boulevard Business Association meeting Norm Sims (country regional planning director) confirmed that the deadline is approaching proposals from...]]>
Norb's, we've missed you. Norb's, we've missed you.
Wasn’t it great to hear that Norb Andy’s will reopen in mid October? Even without a kitchen (maybe in the early new year??) those of us with fond memories of times spent in this Springfield version of Cheers! wish Jeremy and Nathan the best of luck. Stay posted here for news of the grand opening party. These are not the easiest of times to open a new business so please Springfie...]]>