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As a 15-year-old I read Conscience of a Conservative and became a proud supporter of Barry Goldwater, the Republican presidential candidate. I couldn’t understand why he got beaten up so badly in the media for his, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice,” because he meant to promote liberty, not extremism. Goldwater was an honest and honorable candidate who got beat 61-39 percent in...]]>
Editor's note 10/13/16 Editor's note 10/13/16
Americans discouraged by the presidential campaign should read President Barack Obama’s essay, “The way ahead,” in the latest issue of The Economist. “Why have some on the far left and even mo...]]>
Editor's note 10/6/16 Editor's note 10/6/16
As you’ll read in Patrick Yeagle’s cover story this week, Springfield is the capital of video gambling in Illinois. It has the most establishments offering video gambling – 176 – of any city,...]]>
Editor’s note 9/29/16 Editor’s note 9/29/16
 If you haven’t voted yet, it’s time to get to the poll and make your voice heard. There are great candidates on the ballot in every category. The super-enthused electorate, happy not angry,...]]>
Editor's note 9/22/16 Editor's note 9/22/16
Sangamon County is eerily quiet during this election campaign. True, Illinois as a blue state isn’t in play for the presidential election, so that cuts us out of a lot of hoopla. But what about the...]]>
Editor’s note 9/15/16 Editor’s note 9/15/16
Chuck Todd, the political director of NBC News and the moderator of “Meet the Press,” was informative and entertaining as he commented on the current political news for the Better Government Assoc...]]>
Editor’s note 9/8/16 Editor’s note 9/8/16
 One person who wasn’t surprised by the sudden closure of ITT Technical Institute in Springfield and three other cities in Illinois was U.S. Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Springfield, who has been war...]]>
Editor's note 9/1/16 Editor's note 9/1/16
In a political climate with intolerance as a theme, the goodheartedness that shows up in Springfield is remarkable. Last Thursday evening the big sanctuary at Westminster Presbyterian Church was nearl...]]>
Editor's note 8/25/16 Editor's note 8/25/16
It looks like Tammy Duckworth is going to be our next U.S. senator, so we’d better start getting to know her. Sen. Mark Kirk’s ads against Duckworth are so shrill as to be unconvincing. Nobody bel...]]>
Editor's note 8/18/16 Editor's note 8/18/16
Watching Bruce Rauner throw his money around brings mixed feelings. First he buys Republican politicians, then the champion steer. He plans to renovate the governor’s mansion with private money, beg...]]>
Editor's note 8/11/16 Editor's note 8/11/16
Too bad that the federal judge denied Rod Blagojevich’s appeal to reduce his prison sentence from 14 years to five. The full sentence seems excessive, considering that the hapless Rod is remorseful...]]>
Editor's note 7/28/16 Editor's note 7/28/16
During this week when Democrats are celebrating a historic achievement by a woman, one who has accumulated a record of public service through decades of hard work in the trenches, this newspaper nomin...]]>
Editor’s note 7/21/16 Editor’s note 7/21/16
 Those of us watching the Republican National Convention to see whether Donald Trump can appeal beyond his base have been disappointed by all the attention to his family. Whether Melania’s spee...]]>
Editor's note 7/14/16 Editor's note 7/14/16
 Two days after the police killings in Dallas, as the nation struggled once again to respond to racial violence, the annual business meeting of the Association of Alternative Newsmedia in Austin...]]>
Editor’s note 7/7/16 Editor’s note 7/7/16
 If you think Gov. Bruce Rauner is having trouble getting his Turnaround Agenda approved, try backing significant garbage reform in Springfield. Though earlier mayors (Karen Hasara, Tim Davlin) t...]]>
Editor's note 6/30/16 Editor's note 6/30/16
How refreshing it is to hear Illinois Republicans fighting with Illinois Democrats over how much money should go to Chicago Public Schools. What a breath of fresh air to hear arguments over what shoul...]]>
Editor’s note 6/23/16 - Does the city of Springfield need its own planner? Editor’s note 6/23/16 - Does the city of Springfield need its own planner?
 Though not much new came out of Monday’s panel discussion at the Sangamo Club, sponsored by the Better Government Association, on the “Impact of the Impasse,” it was interesting to hear ar...]]>
Editor’s note 6/16/16 Editor’s note 6/16/16
 David Axelrod of Chicago, who was President Barack Obama’s chief political strategist and senior adviser, now a CNN commentator, was in Springfield last week for the Illinois Press Association...]]>
Editor’s note 6/9/16 Editor’s note 6/9/16
The fiscal policy center of Voices for Illinois Children, a respected and reliable nonprofit, offers “eight takeaways” to put the state’s fiscal problems in perspective. 1. Without a fully funde...]]>
Editor's note 6/2/16 Editor's note 6/2/16
There is no more apt description of the just concluded legislative session than Gov. Bruce Rauner’s: “Stunning failure.” He was pointing at the Democrats, as usual, but he is the one who failed...]]>
Editor’s note 5/26/16 Editor’s note 5/26/16
 We’re about to see who, if anyone, has any political negotiating skill at the Statehouse. As they prepare for their end game over the next few days, Mike Madigan and Bruce Rauner, the two tops...]]>
Editor's note 5/19/16 Editor's note 5/19/16
It’s beginning to look like Gov. Bruce Rauner and Speaker Mike Madigan will be spending another summer cooped up in the Statehouse, but the rest of us plan our time better. With the 72-page Illinois...]]>
Editor’s note 5/12/16 Editor’s note 5/12/16
Gov. Bruce Rauner has distanced himself from Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, but the governor didn’t say why. Is it because Trump would close the country’s borders to Muslims? Ma...]]>
Editor's note 5/5/16 Editor's note 5/5/16
One after one they came to the Springfield stage as their names were called, 20 who had spent long years in prison for crimes they didn’t commit. Altogether this group of exonerees from around the c...]]>
Editor’s note 4/28/16 Editor’s note 4/28/16
 Voices for Illinois Children, the Chicago-based advocacy group, knows how to encourage children – and legislators – when they do something right. Emily Miller, the group’s policy and advoc...]]>
Editor's note 4/21/16 Editor's note 4/21/16
Before there was Earth Day our own Adlai Stevenson, as U. S. ambassador to the United Nations, in what would become his last major speech, addressed the Economic and Security Council in Geneva, Switze...]]>
Editor’s note 4/14/16 Editor’s note 4/14/16
 The state budget crisis is about to come to a head, with Chicago State University about to close for lack of funding, other small universities hurting, piles of fiscal pain everywhere and the po...]]>
Editor's note 4/7/16 Editor's note 4/7/16
Several states require politicians to shut down their campaign funds after they leave office. Susan Garrett, board chair of the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform, says “in a perfect world” Il...]]>
Editor’s note 3/31/16 Editor’s note 3/31/16
Inside this week’s edition is our Capital City JOBS supplement, dedicated to all the Springfield-area unemployed and under-employed residents who still believe in the American dream, and to the busi...]]>
Editor’s note 3/24/16 Editor’s note 3/24/16
 For this week observed by Christians as Holy Week, the Episcopal Church House of Bishops issued “A Word to the Church” about today’s political rhetoric. It is worth broad circulation. Here...]]>