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As our Chris Britt says in his inimitable way on p. 4, nobody is excited about the current crop of Democratic candidates for governor. Long gone are the days when a powerful political machine could pu...]]>
Editor's Note 4/13/17 Editor's Note 4/13/17
Every Good Friday for the past 30 years or so a small group of Christians and other compassionate activists follow someone carrying a big wooden cross around downtown, stopping occasionally to sing an...]]>
Editors Note 4/6/17 Editors Note 4/6/17
 If you haven’t yet been to the Springfield and Central Illinois African American History Museum, get there. The new location, a building leased from the city just outside the Monument Avenue e...]]>
Editor's Note 3/30/17 Editor's Note 3/30/17
Other than that, Jackie, how was the conference?If you tried to email Springfield Housing Authority executive director Jackie Newman earlier this week, you received this automatic reply:“I am curren...]]>
Editors Note 3/23/17 Editors Note 3/23/17
 It gave us a shudder to hear the new secretary of state rattling his saber this week about Korea. The policy of “strategic patience” with North Korea is over, he said, and “all options are...]]>
Editor's Note 3/16/17 Editor's Note 3/16/17
Dr. Jerry Kruse, dean and provost of Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, has weighed in against the current Republican legislation to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act. His...]]>
Editors Note 3/9/17 Editors Note 3/9/17
It is now looking increasingly unlikely that Gov. Bruce Rauner and the General Assembly will come up with a budget for the upcoming fiscal year. After Gov. Bruce Rauner withdrew his support from Senat...]]>
Editor's Note 3/2/17 Editor's Note 3/2/17
There is room for hope that the state Senate will do the right thing and pass the package of “grand bargain” bills over to the House, where there will be more bargaining and eventually, finally, a...]]>
Editors Note 2/23/17 Editors Note 2/23/17
 When headlines warn “Millions face possible deportation,” Springfield should heed the warning. Although this is not a haven for the undocumented, as major cities and border towns may be, new...]]>
Editor's Note 2/16/17 Editor's Note 2/16/17
In Chicago and around the country, local governments are learning, slowly but surely, that information belongs to the people, not just to police and prosecutors, and that transparency builds trust. Th...]]>
Editor's note 2/9/17 Editor's note 2/9/17
The Senate’s so-called “grand bargain” isn’t soup yet, but if legislators need any further incentive to keep trying, they should read the latest downgrade report from S&P Global Ratings. �...]]>
Editor's note 2/2/17 Editor's note 2/2/17
The Affordable Care Act has been responsible for improving the health of thousands of low-income central Illinois residents who, with the benefit of insurance, now are under the care of doctors and ho...]]>
Editor's note 1/26/17 Editor's note 1/26/17
Just as we were wrapping our heads around the oxy-moronic concept of “fake news,” the Trump administration introduced us to “alternative facts” as its new name for lies. The Washington press c...]]>
Editor's note 1/19/17 Editor's note 1/19/17
The inauguration of a new flamboyant, iconoclastic but unpredictable president this week has prompted from progressives a most American reaction – to protest and organize. Many from Springfield will...]]>
Editor’s note 1/12/17 Editor’s note 1/12/17
Barack Obama, a victim of term limits in his present job, appropriately returned to his home state to give his farewell address. Sounding like one whose work is done, he encouraged the rest of us to r...]]>
Editor's note 1/5/17 Editor's note 1/5/17
In anticipation of the new administration taking office Jan. 20, many Americans are asking themselves what they can do to make these perilous times better. The Dominican Sisters of Springfield suggest...]]>
Editor's note 12/22/16 Editor's note 12/22/16
We received this message in a holiday greeting card from a friend and decided to pass it along to readers. Following this instruction could lead to peace in Springfield, goodwill to the poor and unive...]]>
Editor’s note 12/15/16 Editor’s note 12/15/16
 While Gov. Bruce Rauner was busy this week working on his 2018 campaign for reelection, the education advocacy group Advance Illinois was doing work that needs to be done. Releasing its biennial...]]>
Editor's note 12/8/16 Editor's note 12/8/16
Watching Gov. Bruce Rauner flailing about trying to save face while Democrat leaders refuse to play Turnaround call to mind Chicagoan Finley Peter Dunne’s 1895 quote, “Politics ain’t bean-bag.�...]]>
Editor’s note 12/1/16 Editor’s note 12/1/16
 As Gov. Bruce Rauner and the Illinois General Assembly get closer to a deal to bail out Exelon’s money-losing nuclear power plants, there is not a peep heard in the Prairie State about the dan...]]>
Editor's note 11/24/16 Editor's note 11/24/16
AFSCME members have good reason to be bereaved, since it looks like they could soon be bereft of pay raises and affordable health insurance, along with the opportunity to collectively bargain for a ne...]]>
Editor’s note 11/17/16 Editor’s note 11/17/16
 Who in Illinois has time to worry about Donald Trump when we have Gov. Bruce Rauner? Now that the inconclusive state election is over, everybody is back in Springfield still stymied by Rauner’...]]>
Editor's note 11/10/16 Editor's note 11/10/16
Some of us who worried that Donald Trump if he lost might not concede now have our own concession speeches to write. Congratulations to Mr. Trump and his supporters who are pleased to have taken their...]]>
Editor’s note 11/3/16 Editor’s note 11/3/16
Take a look at the architectural rendering on p. 17. It shows the old YWCA building preserved as part of the redevelopment of that entire block, old mixed with new, and a public park space on the sout...]]>
Editor's note 10/27/16 Editor's note 10/27/16
Here we present the Best of Springfield edition, our annual celebration of what in Springfield is good and true. And popular. This is a reader poll, remember, so we don’t agree with all the choices,...]]>
Editor’s note 10/20/16 Editor’s note 10/20/16
As a 15-year-old I read Conscience of a Conservative and became a proud supporter of Barry Goldwater, the Republican presidential candidate. I couldn’t understand why he got beaten up so badly in the media for his, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice,” because he meant to promote liberty, not extremism. Goldwater was an honest and honorable candidate who got beat 61-39 percent in...]]>
Editor's note 10/13/16 Editor's note 10/13/16
Americans discouraged by the presidential campaign should read President Barack Obama’s essay, “The way ahead,” in the latest issue of The Economist. “Why have some on the far left and even mo...]]>
Editor's note 10/6/16 Editor's note 10/6/16
As you’ll read in Patrick Yeagle’s cover story this week, Springfield is the capital of video gambling in Illinois. It has the most establishments offering video gambling – 176 – of any city,...]]>
Editor’s note 9/29/16 Editor’s note 9/29/16
 If you haven’t voted yet, it’s time to get to the poll and make your voice heard. There are great candidates on the ballot in every category. The super-enthused electorate, happy not angry,...]]>
Editor's note 9/22/16 Editor's note 9/22/16
Sangamon County is eerily quiet during this election campaign. True, Illinois as a blue state isn’t in play for the presidential election, so that cuts us out of a lot of hoopla. But what about the...]]>