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Trolls of old were the ones who ate farmers’ goats. Now President Trump takes pride in being regarded as an internet troll, one who sends out provocative messages intended to cause maximum disruptio...]]>
Editor's Note 11/30/17 Editor's Note 11/30/17
In this our Holiday Guide issue, it is appropriate to pass along some guidance for the shadow side of holidays, where not all is fun and games. Staab Funeral Home, and other Springfield funeral homes,...]]>
Editor's note 11/23/17 Editor's note 11/23/17
 The furor over sexual harassment has led to what is being called a “day of reckoning,” with wrongdoers being held to account for their transgressions. The reaction to past abuse, sometimes l...]]>
Editor's note 11/9/17 Editor's note 11/9/17
 Mayor Jim Langfelder and some members of the city council who oppose the welcoming cities resolution are overthinking the issue. (See commentary, “Mayor trumpets anti-hate measure,” by Bruce...]]>
Editor's Note 11/2/17 Editor's Note 11/2/17
 “The problem with quotes on the internet is that it is hard to verify their authenticity.” – Abraham Lincoln (source: the internet). –Fletcher Farrar, editor and CEO...]]>
Editor's Note 10/19/17 Editor's Note 10/19/17
 It’s fun for a reporter to catch a candidate early in her political career, while she’s still feeling her way, wanting to say the right thing and not offend, while still conveying that she h...]]>
Editor's Note 10/5/17 Editor's Note 10/5/17
While many politicians were saying it’s too soon to talk about gun control, our Sen. Richard Durbin said it’s lawmakers’ job to answer tough questions. “Congress is complicit if it continues i...]]>
Editor’s note 9/21/17 Editor’s note 9/21/17
 Many of us of a certain age are this week reliving a painful chapter of our past with nightly installments of Ken Burns’ documentary The Vietnam War on public TV. For me it’s not just revisi...]]>
Editor's Note 9/14/17 Editor's Note 9/14/17
Welcome back, Hillary. Some say she never left the public political scene, but the thoughtful talk Hillary Clinton has been giving to the media on her book promotion tour remind us how much a tough, w...]]>
Editor’s note 8/31/17 Editor’s note 8/31/17
 After years of crowing about his pro-business agenda, Gov. Bruce Rauner has finally signed a pro-business reform into law. It’s called school aid formula reform, and it, together with increase...]]>
Editor's Note 8/24/17 Editor's Note 8/24/17
During his nationwide address Monday night, President Trump seemed proud of himself for changing his mind on Afghanistan, America’s longest war. For years he has criticized the nation’s involvemen...]]>
Editor’s note 8/17/17 Editor’s note 8/17/17
 After President Trump came out with his second Charlottesville statement on Monday, this one denouncing racism and the Ku Klux Klan, some listeners were ready to say it’s OK if he took 48 hour...]]>
Editor's Note 8/10/17 Editor's Note 8/10/17
If you had to choose politician-of-the-month between Donald Trump and Bruce Rauner, which would you pick? One threatens nuclear war, but then his secretary of state says ignore it, there’s nothing t...]]>
Editor’s note 8/3/17 Editor’s note 8/3/17
 Last week I strolled around the U.S. Capitol in the early evening, stopping for a while to watch an orderly protest rally against the Republican plan to obliterate Obamacare, at that hour being...]]>
Editor's Note 7/27/17 Editor's Note 7/27/17
Gov. Bruce Rauner has a plan for schools, but he won’t disclose it or verify his financial projections until the General Assembly sends him their bill so he can veto it. He has called the legislatur...]]>
Editor’s note 7/20/17 Editor’s note 7/20/17
Peter Baker, the New York Times chief White House correspondent, was in Springfield the day Republican plans to dismantle Obamacare fell apart. It’s not easy for a president to dismantle a predecess...]]>
Editor's Note 7/13/17 Editor's Note 7/13/17
 It is a great relief that a reasonable state budget and a tax increase to pay for it have become law. This was accomplished by overriding the governor’s veto, with the help of some courageous...]]>
Editor’s note 7/6/17 Editor’s note 7/6/17
Oh thank goodness. New Jersey finally resolved its budget impasse, while there were similar budget cliffhangers in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and North Carolina. In New Jersey, the stalemate had stretche...]]>
Editor's Note 6/29/17 Editor's Note 6/29/17
After a Republican sweep of four recent elections for House seats, Democrats are doing some soul searching about how to regain their momentum. They need a positive economic program, some are saying, r...]]>
Editor's Note 6/22/17 Editor's Note 6/22/17
 That Gov. Bruce Rauner has a limitless capacity for audacity is well known. Yet his Tuesday evening plea for bipartisan “unity” while he is bankrolling ads attacking Democrats for supporting...]]>
Editor’s note Editor’s note
 With school out and summer heating up, bored kids get into trouble, sometimes with guns. After a signal from Mayor Jim Langfelder that  the way to address teen violence is with activities a...]]>
Editor's Note 6/8/17 Editor's Note 6/8/17
I’m pleased to announce that Michelle Ownbey was recently promoted to publisher of Illinois Times and Springfield Business Journal. She was associate publisher of Springfield Business Journal since...]]>
Editors Note 6/1/17 Editors Note 6/1/17
 If you are like me and Trump and Rauner are about to get you down, it’s time to dig in the dirt and put some seeds in the ground. “When the world wearies and ceases to satisfy, there is alwa...]]>
Editors Note 5/25/17 Editors Note 5/25/17
It doesn’t help much for Illinois editorialists to get angry, bang the table and shout “Unacceptable” about the Statehouse budget impasse, or “Enough,” as they did a year ago. The neutral, b...]]>
Editor's Note 5/18/17 Editor's Note 5/18/17
It was the largest commencement in University of Illinois Springfield history, with 1,270 graduates walking across the stage. Their poetic names – Indian, African, Middle Eastern, Chicagoan – refl...]]>
Editors Note 5/11/17 Editors Note 5/11/17
 At the Better Government Association’s Monday evening forum on “The Future of News: Covering the Capitol,” more than one of the journalists and editors on the panel agreed the news busines...]]>
Editors Note 5/4/17 Editors Note 5/4/17
 A year ago, Mayor Jim Langfelder in his state of the city address talked about streamlining the city’s approach to requests for public records. Now, the city is saying that drafts of an enviro...]]>
Editor's Note 4/27/17 Editor's Note 4/27/17
As the U. S. Senate heads to the White House to hear the administration’s assessment of North Korea’s nuclear capability, and as President Trump continues his threat to use preemptive military str...]]>
Editors Note 4/20/17 Editors Note 4/20/17
As our Chris Britt says in his inimitable way on p. 4, nobody is excited about the current crop of Democratic candidates for governor. Long gone are the days when a powerful political machine could pu...]]>
Editor's Note 4/13/17 Editor's Note 4/13/17
Every Good Friday for the past 30 years or so a small group of Christians and other compassionate activists follow someone carrying a big wooden cross around downtown, stopping occasionally to sing an...]]>