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It looks like Gov. Bruce Rauner and the legislature may not get to see summer this year. They’ll likely be at the Statehouse playing politics, which may be good for Springfield restaurants if bad fo...]]>
Editor’s note 5/14/15 Editor’s note 5/14/15
 Here we go again on Hunter Lake. The outgoing City Water, Light and Power chief says that Springfield needs a second lake to serve as a backup water supply, something former mayor Mike Houston s...]]>
Editor’s note 5/7/15 Editor’s note 5/7/15
Gov. Bruce Rauner was front and center at the Lincoln funeral reenactment events last weekend, proclaiming his admiration for Abraham Lincoln and his ties to Springfield where, the governor said, Linc...]]>
Editor’s note 4/30/15 Editor’s note 4/30/15
For the Funeral Reenactment weekend, there is a lecture about 1860s underwear (3:10 p.m. Saturday at Benedictine) and another on how Springfielders did their laundry 150 years ago (3:40 p.m. Saturday ...]]>
Editor’s note 4/23/15 Editor’s note 4/23/15
As Gov. Bruce Rauner finishes his 100th day of wreaking havoc on the Illinois budget, Illinoisans are beginning to realize they got what they voted for. Rauner has used the authority given him by the ...]]>
Editor's note 4/9/15 Editor's note 4/9/15
Jim Langfelder’s decisive win for mayor should give him the confidence to breathe energy into city hall. His first order of business is to recruit new leadership for City, Water, Light and Power, wh...]]>
Editor’s note 4/2/15 - Contemplating antique glass paperweights Editor’s note 4/2/15 - Contemplating antique glass paperweights
 IT went all in to preview the upcoming Springfield municipal election. Last week’s cover story by Bruce Rushton offered depth and context on the race for mayor between Paul Palazzolo and Jim L...]]>
Editor’s note 3/26/15 Editor’s note 3/26/15
 At this writing, the Illinois House has passed a stopgap budget fix, waiting for the Senate to act to keep government running till June 30. Many Statehouse watchers are so amazed and pleased tha...]]>
Editor's note 3/19/15 Editor's note 3/19/15
The drip, drip of records related to the city’s Shredgate scandal continued this week with the city’s release of minutes, a transcript and an audio recording of an hour-long city council executive...]]>
Editor’s note 3/12/15 Editor’s note 3/12/15
 Every two years the Public Affairs Reporting program at University of Illinois Springfield reminds us of its impact on the world of journalism by inducting successful graduates into the Bill Mil...]]>
Editor’s note 3/5/15 Editor’s note 3/5/15
 On Monday staff writer Bruce Rushton broke the story on that Vince DeMentri, anchor for WICS television news, had been involved in an election night bar fight at Hooters with G...]]>
Editor's note 2/26/15 Editor's note 2/26/15
Mayor Mike Houston lost Tuesday’s primary election, but he can hold his head high for running a campaign focused on the issues and his record as mayor, which isn’t nearly as bad as the final vote ...]]>
Editor’s note 2/19/15 Editor’s note 2/19/15
 We are pleased to hear that Gov. Bruce Rauner has recognized the need to give independence to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum by making it a stand-alone state agency. Now it ...]]>
Editor's note 2/12/15 Editor's note 2/12/15
On Sunday, Feb. 12, 1865, his 56th birthday that would be his last, Abraham Lincoln was apparently working at his desk in Washington, D. C. Records show that he was in a merciful mood. After a long co...]]>
Editor’s note 2/5/15 Editor’s note 2/5/15
 Could we get Sen. Dick Durbin and other public officials to apply some common sense before promoting another big “clean coal” project? It is only natural for job-hungry politicians to crow a...]]>
Editor's note 1/29/15 Editor's note 1/29/15
One Springfield alderman has taken great offense at being accused by a fellow alderman of “pontificating” during city council debate. Indeed, the accusation doesn’t seem quite right. To pontific...]]>
Editor's note 1/22/15 Editor's note 1/22/15
 It was good to see some of the Obama swagger return during Tuesday night’s State of the Union address. When the polls and the elections are going the wrong way, when the culture wars and the r...]]>
Editor’s note Editor’s note
For the past 10 years the Dominican Sisters of Springfield have been both learning and teaching that there’s a lot more to racism than some people not liking other people. See our cover story, “Ro...]]>
Editor's note 1/8/15 Editor's note 1/8/15
 We commend to you this week two pieces of writing about writing. On p. 14 our Jackie Jackson happily describes poet John Knoepfle’s new book of essays. “If you ever loved the Trout Lily Caf�...]]>
Editor's Note 1/1/15 Editor's Note 1/1/15
Everywhere we look there is a surprising amount of hope for the new year. Even Democrats are saying Bruce Rauner could be another Jim Thompson, an amiable dealmaker who can get things done. Racial pro...]]>
Editor's note 12/25/14 Editor's note 12/25/14
 Here it is, the 52nd issue of 2014, completing another year of publishing Illinois Times. This is a good time to remind us all that IT is a minor miracle, an unlikely business that somehow survi...]]>
Editor's Note 12/18/14 Editor's Note 12/18/14
Every week that governor-elect Bruce Rauner comes to Springfield he learns that the state’s fiscal condition is far worse than it was when he came the week before. This time he discovered a plan to ...]]>
Editor's Note 12/4/14 Editor's Note 12/4/14
It seems downtown Springfield has been discovered by billionaires, and that’s a good thing. Bruce Rauner, who says he’ll fix up the governor’s mansion and move in, was spotted relaxing at the Br...]]>
Editor's Note 11/27/14 Editor's Note 11/27/14
 On Monday evening, just before the Ferguson decision was announced, the Springfield Race Unity Committee was holding a forum on restorative justice, a method that could improve race relations an...]]>
Editor’s note 11/20/14 Editor’s note 11/20/14
This month’s Illinois Issues cover story on “Young black males” is recommended reading as the nation turns its attention again to Ferguson, Missouri. In the article by Maureen Foertsch McKinney,...]]>
Editor's Note 11/13/14 Editor's Note 11/13/14
 This week’s cover story by Scott Faingold, “Punk paradise in Southtown,” p. 12, brings to light a little-known cultural phenomenon in Springfield. A half dozen youth-oriented enterprises h...]]>
Editor’s note 11/6/14 Editor’s note 11/6/14
 Many of us are hoping that Bruce Rauner won’t be as bad as we think he’s going to be. Even some of his supporters are secretly pleased that Mike Madigan is still in control to shield the sta...]]>
Editor's Note 10/30/14 Editor's Note 10/30/14
The billboard towering above Wabash Avenue still proclaims, “The Benedictine PROMISE: affordable and attainable undergraduate education.” It is a promise broken. Last Thursday the Benedictine Univ...]]>
Editor's Note 10/16/14 Editor's Note 10/16/14
As the State of Illinois cuts back its financial support and hours of operation for parks and historic sites, volunteers and donors are more important than ever. Last week the New Salem Lincoln League...]]>
Editor’s note 10/9/14 Editor’s note 10/9/14
 Mddle East peace could begin in the Midwest, at Illinois College in Jacksonville. Why not? The historic progressive institution is thinking big and reaching wide by inviting Jimmy Carter, the fo...]]>