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It’s beginning to look like Gov. Bruce Rauner and Speaker Mike Madigan will be spending another summer cooped up in the Statehouse, but the rest of us plan our time better. With the 72-page Illinois...]]>
Editor’s note 5/12/16 Editor’s note 5/12/16
Gov. Bruce Rauner has distanced himself from Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, but the governor didn’t say why. Is it because Trump would close the country’s borders to Muslims? Ma...]]>
Editor's note 5/5/16 Editor's note 5/5/16
One after one they came to the Springfield stage as their names were called, 20 who had spent long years in prison for crimes they didn’t commit. Altogether this group of exonerees from around the c...]]>
Editor’s note 4/28/16 Editor’s note 4/28/16
 Voices for Illinois Children, the Chicago-based advocacy group, knows how to encourage children – and legislators – when they do something right. Emily Miller, the group’s policy and advoc...]]>
Editor's note 4/21/16 Editor's note 4/21/16
Before there was Earth Day our own Adlai Stevenson, as U. S. ambassador to the United Nations, in what would become his last major speech, addressed the Economic and Security Council in Geneva, Switze...]]>
Editor’s note 4/14/16 Editor’s note 4/14/16
 The state budget crisis is about to come to a head, with Chicago State University about to close for lack of funding, other small universities hurting, piles of fiscal pain everywhere and the po...]]>
Editor's note 4/7/16 Editor's note 4/7/16
Several states require politicians to shut down their campaign funds after they leave office. Susan Garrett, board chair of the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform, says “in a perfect world” Il...]]>
Editor’s note 3/31/16 Editor’s note 3/31/16
Inside this week’s edition is our Capital City JOBS supplement, dedicated to all the Springfield-area unemployed and under-employed residents who still believe in the American dream, and to the busi...]]>
Editor’s note 3/24/16 Editor’s note 3/24/16
 For this week observed by Christians as Holy Week, the Episcopal Church House of Bishops issued “A Word to the Church” about today’s political rhetoric. It is worth broad circulation. Here...]]>
Editor's note 03/17/16 Editor's note 03/17/16
In this week’s cover story on the outrageous ways Illinois lawmakers spend their campaign funds, our Bruce Rushton quotes one state senator saying the public isn’t interested in this subject. “W...]]>
Editor’s note 3/10/16 Editor’s note 3/10/16
 It looks like next week’s primary election will see Illinois still in play for the presidential race on both sides. Usually everything has been decided by the time our state gets to vote, but...]]>
Editor’s note 3/3/16 Editor’s note 3/3/16
 “Intensive” is the word to describe the “Analyzing and Understanding Systemic Racism Workshop” that is drawing some 50 Springfieldians this weekend. The 2 ½-day training, sponsored by t...]]>
Editor's note 02/25/16 Editor's note 02/25/16
It was called a historic occasion Monday evening, because nobody could remember this  happening before in Springfield, but the event seemed ordinary, like something that should happen all the tim...]]>
Editor’s note 2/18/16 Editor’s note 2/18/16
 The bright spot in Gov. Bruce Rauner’s no-budget budget address is his support for increased state funding for K-12 education. In addition, support is growing for a change in the formula for d...]]>
Editor's note 02/11/16 Editor's note 02/11/16
Watching Bernie Sanders’ victory speech in New Hampshire, when he went on and on obsessively about income inequality, the need for single payer health care and anger against Wall Street – importan...]]>
Editor’s note 2/4/16 Editor’s note 2/4/16
 Often overlooked in the concern over Gov. Bruce Rauner’s obstructionism is the damage he is doing to his own agenda. Not the Turnaround Agenda, but the governor’s alleged support of ideas li...]]>
Editor's note 01/28/16 Editor's note 01/28/16
The state of the state? Confused. Illinois can’t understand how its new, inexperienced governor can continue to keep a straight face while pretending that his anti-union agenda is more important tha...]]>
Editor’s note 1/21/16 Editor’s note 1/21/16
 This week’s “Statehouse preview” cover story by Amanda Vinicky comes to you by way of Illinois Issues, the 40-year-old public affairs magazine published by University of Illinois Springfie...]]>
Editor's note 01/14/16 Editor's note 01/14/16
For those of us who don’t understand Donald Trump’s popularity, it was good to hear President Obama declare for all the world to hear that the Republican frontrunner is just wrong. In his State of...]]>
Editor’s note 1/7/16 Editor’s note 1/7/16
Of course aldermen and the mayor think they – all of them and nobody but them – are the best ones to decide on city government’s ethics, but the squabbling does not inspire confidence that anyth...]]>
Editor’s note 12/30/15 Editor’s note 12/30/15
 It was 40 years and a few months ago that a group of visionary entrepreneurs gathered in Springfield to start a weekly newspaper they called Illinois Times. They found a ready audience and, more...]]>
Editor’s note 12/24/15 Editor’s note 12/24/15
 The best thing about the holiday season is the spirit of generosity that covers the land. Church groups provide meals for the unfortunate. Charities gather coats and toys for children. Motorcycl...]]>
Editor’s note 12/17/15 Editor’s note 12/17/15
 Through the pouring rain Sunday evening people came and kept coming by the hundreds to the mosque of the Islamic Society of Greater Springfield. The event was billed as an interfaith peace vigil...]]>
Editor's note 12/10/15 Editor's note 12/10/15
In this day and age, who in their right mind would want to start up and run a police department? The Springfield Park District, by all appearances. The district already has a department, but in name o...]]>
Editor’s note 12/3/15 Editor’s note 12/3/15
 At its public “town hall” meeting Monday evening, HSHS St. John’s Hospital impressed the crowd with its openness about plans for a new medical office building and its interest in the publi...]]>
Editor's note 11/26/15 Editor's note 11/26/15
Having failed to win legislative approval for term limits, Gov. Bruce Rauner is running his own housecleaning operation. He’s appointed all three of Sangamon County’s veteran House members to staf...]]>
Editor’s note 11/19/15 Editor’s note 11/19/15
 Illinoisans are still getting to know Gov. Bruce Rauner, who seems like a friendly and compassionate man when he’s not cutting children out of day care or closing museums to the public. So it...]]>
Editor's note 11/12/15 Editor's note 11/12/15
This was the week that the ice began melting at the Statehouse. Child care cuts were largely restored. Cuts to home care for seniors were reversed. Unemployment compensation reform may be on the way....]]>
Editor’s note 11/5/15 Editor’s note 11/5/15
 When Donald Trump makes a stop in Springfield next week, he and the national media will get a glimpse of a government run by a wealthy businessman with no political experience. The state is at a...]]>
Editor’s note 10/29/15 Editor’s note 10/29/15
In a day when politicians and officeholders are often scorned, it was good to see the outpouring of honor and respect for Ossie Langfelder, the former mayor, at his funeral. Now political experience i...]]>