IllinoisTimes - Music - Tom Irwin Mon, 18 Jun 18 00:00:00 -0500 en hourly 1 June is jumping June is jumping
 Here comes the ides of June on Friday along with Father’s Day on Sunday and a plain-old Saturday sandwiched in between, all filled with glorious and wonderful live music to share.Let’s go st...]]>
Lake Rumble, Dumb Fest and Moore Lake Rumble, Dumb Fest and Moore
 If May is merry, can June be jolly? I vote yes. And so it seems that the pleasant weather (so far) and plentiful events (keep ‘em coming) are conspiring to make it so – so let’s go!There�...]]>
Giving wine, music and more Giving wine, music and more
 The dominant music happening this weekend is, of course, the Legacy of Giving Festival surrounding the Old State Capitol area on Friday evening and continuing on Saturday from noon to midnight....]]>
Memorable Memorial Day weekend Memorable Memorial Day weekend
 Believe it or not, here we are already at the Memorial Day weekend mark of 2018. Generally considered the “official” start of the summer season, the entertainment lineup is certainly geared...]]>
May music flowers May music flowers
 Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the rain; more likely it’s both or neither, but whatever is going on, the music always starts to bloom around this time of year. Then everything melds – a...]]>
Made-up music and mom Made-up music and mom
 Welcome to Mother’s Day weekend in the merry month of May. The made-up music comes on strong as several all-original artists take to the stages.Let us first send our heartfelt condolences to t...]]>
May music arrives May music arrives
 With the sudden arrival of summerlike weather we rather skipped over spring, but that’ll happen some years. Now our outdoor venues are in full swing, and we’re watching for clouds from both...]]>
End of April music End of April music
The weather finally decided to act somewhat like April, so our outdoor venues will be kicking into full-on enjoyment mode soon. But music waits for nothing or no one, and, like ol’ man river, “jes...]]>
Varying the venues Varying the venues
 Readers of this column know we spend a good deal of our time listening to live music inside the bars, but rest assured, my friends, many other venues host live music on a regular basis. From chu...]]>
Micky moves and more Micky moves and more
 If you’ve been out and about lately, you’ve surely noticed plenty of stuff going on all over. From last shows to debuts, celebrations of anniversaries and birthdays, and just plain-old gigs,...]]>
April music showers April music showers
 As we roll the rock into the first full weekend of April, there’s music-making galore, coming in all shapes and sizes to fit all needs and desires.Start your weekly music mission off with a ba...]]>
Let’s march into April Let’s march into April
 We are now wiping our hands of March and moving into April this weekend, whether you like it or not. And, yes, April Fools’ Day is on Easter in 2018, so make of that what you will. In the mean...]]>
Mixing it up in March Mixing it up in March
 By now everyone has (hopefully) recovered from the Celtic frenzy of last weekend and is looking forward to a variety of music for our last full weekend of March.Please pay attention now to a Fac...]]>
Green goes the music Green goes the music
 Some folks could care less, I know, but I always enjoy the celebration of jolly St. Patrick, if for nothing else than enjoying music from the Emerald Isle and neighboring islands. If you’re no...]]>
Music marches on Music marches on
With a hip-hop to the hippity-hop, we march on through the not-so-merry month of March with more music than a month might muster, if a month could muster music.For Thursday excitement, Joshua Allen, a...]]>
March music March music
Leave old February behind as we march into March with plenty of live music for the lamb or lion in you. This weekend blues rules at Third Base Sports Bar with two remarkable shows featuring nationally...]]>
So long February music So long February music
 Well, that didn’t take long to wind through the shortest month. Certain parts seemed interminable, but now we look forward (for sure) and back (as needed).For early evening, most excellent Fri...]]>
Home house music Home house music
 As February freezes and thaws, count on the tunes to hold steady and get us through until spring arrives. There are plenty of activities out there, but let’s spend some time on something speci...]]>
No music city limits No music city limits
 A quick look through the Pub Crawl shows an interesting trend of several burgs surrounding the capital city hosting live music at new and old venues. It seems that “get out of town” is takin...]]>
Fabulous February music Fabulous February music
 2018 rolls along its merry way on this roller coaster ride of time, but rest assured that no matter what, the live music offered in town is consistently good and plentiful.On Friday, Austin, Tex...]]>
There goes January There goes January
 I think I blinked and missed it, as we are now in the last week of January 2018. Maybe we can blame the fancy flight of time on our ever-happening live music scene that doesn’t quit.It’s the...]]>
Be cool, stay warm Be cool, stay warm
 What better way to thaw the cold than by making a visit to a nearby watering hole or other house of performance to see some live music and feel the sound waves eradicate your chills. Who knows,...]]>
Warm up to live music Warm up to live music
 Hardly anything (other than maybe a friendly animal, or a pile of quilts, or a blazing fire) can warm the bones like a good musical performance. Since hauling any of the aforementioned things ar...]]>
New year music New year music
 With New Year’s Eve behind us, we can now comfortably head into 2018 with a full January weekend on the books. Let’s start off the new year with a look at some of the many area artists and l...]]>
New year happy New year happy
 With New Year’s Eve being a celebratory night and falling on a Sunday in 2017, we have a solid, full weekend before the party to party and partake in live music. It seems some of our music fol...]]>
Remember December Remember December
 Happy winter solstice, and merry whatever to you all. It’s that time of year, of course, and one of the best ways to enjoy the holidays is through music. Perhaps enough is enough of the holida...]]>
Music for goodness sake Music for goodness sake
 As we approach the point of saturation and consternation of the Christmas excess surrounding and encompassing our lives at this time, perhaps it’s best to succumb to the magic of the moment, i...]]>
Music is in season Music is in season
 Now that the weather outside is slowly approaching normal but nowhere near “frightening,” perhaps our holiday season may feel more Midwest than Southwest. Either way it goes (hot, cold, pola...]]>
Hot December music Hot December music
 This oddly warm week for the end of November is fitting to heat us up for a weekend of scorching good music on the roster. Be sure to check the community calendar for holiday music happenings al...]]>
Giving thanks for much Giving thanks for much
 There are many things to be thankful for in this world, and I hope you take the time to address those pertaining to you and yours. I’m thankful to be able to write this column weekly and share...]]>