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vermont report 2017 #4my daughter is a loonfar out in the lakeher head disappearshow many secondsten–eleven–twelve– then it bobs up  somewhere else ©2017 Jacqueline Jackson...]]>
vermont report 2017 #3 vermont report 2017 #3
I think on leaving here I’ll missthe greens the most they are inconstant change with clouds withwind or mirrored in the lake a lineof tolkien says in every wood inevery spring there is a differentgr...]]>
vermont report 2017 #2 vermont report 2017 #2
vermont report 2017 #2I give up there is no spaceto tell what’s happening at this placethe lovely lake is loony stilla caterpillar scoops the hillmy stripy oar is broke who knowsit happened when thi...]]>
vt report # 1, 2017 vt report # 1, 2017
we’re again at our camp as green mountainers call cottageswe have a loon – the long eerie descending wail was it an owl no it ended in that loony laugh – ergotwo loons! swimming out frontno loon...]]>
more nada #101 more nada #101
more nada #101art bored with family stories?too bad here’s another I wasborn with an unsightly splotchat the base of my spine nothingharmful but my folks thoughtit a good idea to have it removedit l...]]>
nada poem # – well, maybe 100 nada poem # – well, maybe 100
a recent column in wall street journalreported the effect of classical music oncows – news to them of course in nycI’ve been telling you for ages what cowslike (the three b’s) don’t (1812 cann...]]>
family story, again family story, again
family story, againthinking about babies and adoption – when I was a kid we knew those in ourclasses adopted it was a matter of no  significance – I did hear later a boy in the class behind m...]]>
yellow submarine #1 yellow submarine #1
a scientist I admirewrote about severallong term studiesspanning many yearsback to the seventieswhere groups withfalse beliefsthe world is flatthe sun circles uswere given irrefutableevidence theirbel...]]>
difference poem #1 difference poem #1
my sister went to morning kindergartenin an emergency one day our mom asked ifpatsy could go in the afternoon pat told meabout it many years later “I loved kindergartenthe toys, the things to draw o...]]>
Haiku, in Memorium: Patricia Dougan Dalvit Haiku, in Memorium: Patricia Dougan Dalvit
Haiku, in Memorium: Patricia Dougan DalvitI’ve lost a sister . . . she’s gone to a distant climebringing it music . . .©2017 Jacqueline Jackson...]]>
adventure poem #1 adventure poem #1
the anonymous student from theseventies reminded me of a writingassignment I once gave: “1. Have anadventure. 2. Write about it.” themuch appreciated letter got methinking about adventure – nodo...]]>
poem postal # 1 poem postal # 1
poem postal # 1I can understand perfectly thosepostal folk, discovered years laterwith bathtubs full of undeliveredenvelopes it got too much hopelessthey couldn’t cope simply threw inthe towel now m...]]>
family story # 23 family story # 23
family story # 23my granddaughter cressidaage eight having exhausted various play activities saidI guess I’ll put on my lab coatand go do an experiment ©2017 Jacqueline Jackson...]]>
family story #14 family story #14
the green mountains grace the horizonwhere we have a summer place one ofthe range resembles a gently curvingbreast complete with nipple wheneverdriving into the small town nearby we’dexit the woods ...]]>
birdpoem # 11 birdpoem # 11
birdpoem # 11thinking of that last passenger pigeondon’t want to research it again heardabout it all my life there were millionsbillions they darkened the sun for dayswhen they flew over we killed t...]]>
100 days poem #1 100 days poem #1
 100 days poem #1hmmm what accomplishments have Iaccomplished in the last 100 days?anything beneficial for our world? ifyou count womens marches climatemarches sending lotsa money to ossoffdurbin...]]>
playground poem # 3 playground poem # 3
 this is my soapbox we’ve hadrecently a week of school holsagain the schoolyard next doorhas been locked up nine days ina row older kids scale my fenceuse the basketball hoop youngerkids zilch ...]]>
next school shooting poem #when next school shooting poem #when
next school shooting poem #whenmy daughter teaches in a schoolwhere every classroom every officeevery corridor every restroom has abutton if one is hit every area policecar every area police station i...]]>
n fifth st poem #23 n fifth st poem #23
I could write of ugly things thisweek lord knows there’s plentyfrom the gunman still loose inmy wisconsin township (don’tworry no school till he’s caught,kids) to the dismemberment anddeath of t...]]>
n fifth st poem no 22 n fifth st poem no 22
 n fifth st poem no 22nobody says I HAVE to write about the lincoln half marathon every year but this year marks the seventh that my neighbor amaya now ten has skipped about in the street as runn...]]>
finishing my barn book vol 4: finishing my barn book vol 4:
our old barney had a “moon eye”– glassy white hence its naming –after much research I found thisto be an acute iridocyclitis of horsesinvading one or both eyes it subsidesonly to recur at inte...]]>
asylum poem #1 asylum poem #1
 asylum poem #1 do any of you remember 1939 when a boatload of 935 jews approached our shores and we sent them back to auschwitz? Note on the above: look in Wikipedia or other source material for...]]>
irish poem #1 irish poem #1
john and peg’s shamrock I noteevery week – eight spindly stemsthough with good sized leavesseems healthy but stagnant neverany change now my shamrock islush its dozens of sturdy stalksbear hundred...]]>
first 100 days poem # 3 first 100 days poem # 3
first 100 days poem # 3hurray, hurray, let’s trumpitfor our brave new world! we can dump mountain tops into streams again we can use all  the coal we can mine and all the oil we can pump or buy...]]>
suicide poem #17 suicide poem #17
I have a friendwho every morndoes twenty-twopushups forthe number ofveterans whoare predicted tocommit suicideon this day...]]>
first 100 days poem #2 first 100 days poem #2
first 100 days poem #2  parents, teachers, be advised –when we  confront them our savvy kids  can now tell us  oh those are just alternate facts you’ve heard about us © 2017 J...]]>
origins poem # 1 origins poem # 1
my mother’s forebears changed theirname on the ship so we are wardnersnot weidners three brothers fought inthe revolution two survived I knowlittle of my mom’s mother only she wasa sea captain’s...]]>
textpoem #1 textpoem #1
2 YY U R2 YY U BI C U R2 YY for me.see we had texting when I was a kid this was rampant in autograph books there was later but still long agoa published book of letter-stories called I think A B ...]]>
cat poem #2 cat poem #2
these frightful frigid temps of lateI ponder on our city’s homelesslighter thoughts have touched oncats – a kid whose allergies forbidfelines has nonetheless befriendeda large yellow stray gus liv...]]>
springfield poem for jan 21 springfield poem for jan 21
spfld’s last weekend was five star – fromcheers at the buses leaving pennys 110women pink pussy-capped bearing pbj’s– to saturday before the old state capitolmore than a thousand fol...]]>