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Last week a reporter said to Gov. Bruce Rauner that Secretary of State Jesse White had suggested that Rauner bring in former governors, including George Ryan, to help break the long governmental impas...]]>
Free to be Bruce Free to be Bruce
 Every time Gov. Bruce Rauner gives a major speech, social media (and even mass media) lights him up over the way he drops his “g’s” at the end of words. He’s workin’ and doin’ his be...]]>
Rauner, Cullerton triangulate Madigan Rauner, Cullerton triangulate Madigan
Gov. Bruce Rauner blew a perfect opportunity last week to finally drive a public wedge between Senate President John Cullerton and House Speaker Michael Madigan, clearly put Madigan on the defensive,...]]>
‘Governor 1.4 Percent’ ‘Governor 1.4 Percent’
 A lot of folks have taken to calling Bruce Rauner “Governor 1 Percent” because of his immense personal wealth. Gov. Rauner himself told the Chicago Sun-Times during the 2014 campaign that he...]]>
New year, new attitude New year, new attitude
“He has taught us how to deal with him,” explained one top official in Gov. Bruce Rauner’s administration when asked why the governor has once again cranked up his public criticism of Illinois H...]]>
Legislative competition up for 2016 Legislative competition up for 2016
 One of the realities of Illinois legislative politics is that our state’s system tends to discourage competition. Byzantine ballot access laws, a highly partisan legislative district map-drawi...]]>
Madigan’s tax-hike gaffe Madigan’s tax-hike gaffe
 One of the concepts used so effectively by Gov. Bruce Rauner’s campaign last year was what are called “OODA Loops.” I’m going to oversimplify because of space, but the idea, developed by...]]>
Should the Cook County Democratic Party consider a state’s attorney endorsement? Should the Cook County Democratic Party consider a state’s attorney endorsement?
With growing numbers of black and Latino politicians calling for Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez to resign, it’s probably time for the county’s Democratic Party leaders to rethink the...]]>
The state must step up The state must step up
 Here’s what the Chicago Police Department told the media after Laquan McDonald was killed by a police officer 13 months ago: A drug-addled black kid lunged at a cop with a knife and was then s...]]>
Divided they could fall Divided they could fall
Earlier this month when the General Assembly was in Springfield, House Speaker Michael Madigan called Senate President John Cullerton six different times to ask him to move the child care program rest...]]>
Rough week for Madigan Rough week for Madigan
 “He seems so done with it all,” said one top Republican earlier last week about House Republican Leader Jim Durkin. “He hates this,” said a close Durkin pal not long afterward.The overti...]]>
Budget negotiation is all in the details Budget negotiation is all in the details
The concept of a public meeting on Nov. 18 by the four legislative leaders and the governor sounds nice, but will it actually move the ball forward and break the months-long governmental imp...]]>
Prevailing wage debate rooted in ideology Prevailing wage debate rooted in ideology
 For months now, Gov. Bruce Rauner has said he won’t negotiate a state budget unless his “Turnaround Agenda” demands are met. In the meantime, he has slashed funding for the child care assi...]]>
Republicans ‘winning,’ according to Rauner Republicans ‘winning,’ according to Rauner
 Gov. Bruce Rauner took it on the chin for several days in a row this month.The Paul Simon Public Policy Institute’s recent poll of southern Illinoisans showed Rauner’s approval rating absolu...]]>
Building resentment over a building sale Building resentment over a building sale
 Gov. Bruce Rauner said last week that he had spoken with both Senate President John Cullerton and House Speaker Michael Madigan about his proposed sale of the state’s Thompson Center building...]]>
An intensely political problem An intensely political problem
 Last year, gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner pledged to “crack down on waste” in government in order to save taxpayers over $140 million. He also vowed to cut $500 million from the Illino...]]>
A Statehouse divided A Statehouse divided
 The Illinois Senate had been scheduled to return to Springfield on Oct. 6 after not being in session since Sept. 9. But last week the Senate President postponed session until Oct....]]>
Poll, speech heighten partisan divide Poll, speech heighten partisan divide
A poll and a speech may have hardened positions even further on both sides of the highly partisan and bitter state government impasse.The speech, by Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich, you likely already...]]>
What to say about an $8.5-billion backlog? What to say about an $8.5-billion backlog?
As you probably know already, Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger said last week that the state government’s backlog of unpaid bills will hit $8.5 billion by the end of December, up from about $6 bil...]]>
Dunking the Democrats Dunking the Democrats
 There was a reason why state Rep. Esther Golar (D-Chicago) showed up late for session last Wednesday.She’s been quite ill. Unbeknownst to many of her colleagues, Rep. Golar was brought into th...]]>
A grim outlook A grim outlook
The state fiscal crisis is only going to get worse, and the solution is becoming more difficult by the day.As you probably know, the General Assembly and the governor have not yet agreed on a full sta...]]>
A window of opportunity A window of opportunity
I think on Aug. 19 a new and brief window of opportunity opened which could finally help wrap up this long and drawn out state legislative overtime session. But that window will only be open for 15 ca...]]>
Still waiting for compromise Still waiting for compromise
 The absurd facade of this long-running state government impasse might best be summed up with two brief statements.1) Gov. Bruce Rauner to Democrats: “Just support my plans to eviscerate organi...]]>
Winning isn’t everything Winning isn’t everything
There are those who believe strongly that one side or the other is “winning” our latest and perhaps greatest Statehouse impasse in Illinois history.I think it’s too early to judge, and, frankly,...]]>
Rauner’s world Rauner’s world
If there was any doubt before last week, there’s zero uncertainty now. Gov. Bruce Rauner won’t allow anyone else to interfere with his dominance of the Illinois Republican Party.When the party was...]]>
Between a rock and Michael Madigan Between a rock and Michael Madigan
Last week, Gov. Bruce Rauner declared to reporters that if it wasn’t for House Speaker Michael Madigan the budget impasse would’ve been resolved.And perhaps if the sky was green, then grass might...]]>
Rauner doubles down on Madigan Rauner doubles down on Madigan
 House Speaker Michael Madigan told reporters earlier this month that he’d had a “frank discussion” with Gov. Bruce Rauner, “and I gave him good, solid advice.”Word is, that advice had...]]>
A primer on Statehouse weirdness A primer on Statehouse weirdness
After staring at my computer screen for over an hour, I realized that my goal of providing you a succinct and thoughtful analysis of what happened on a very weird day last week in Illinois government...]]>
Rauner continues to skirt responsibility Rauner continues to skirt responsibility
 Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner is proving to be quite adept at skirting responsibility for the current Statehouse impasse and impending government shutdown. He has relentlessly painted himself as...]]>
Message from Madigan to Mayor Emanuel Message from Madigan to Mayor Emanuel
House Speaker Michael Madigan likes to send “messages.” He doesn’t often explain what those messages are, but last week’s surprising defeat of a bill to give the Chicago Public Schools a 40-da...]]>