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talk dirty to me
Fallen angel performing Talk dirty to me Live]]>
Kung Fu Dynamite
KFD performing "Only the Good Die Young"]]>
Never Seem to Fit
Live at the Decatur Illinois USA AIW Hall.]]>
Get down, get animal!]]>
blood and stone
original music video]]>
Michael Charles
Live at JBTV Chicago Illinois, USA. January 06, 2007."Most Times We Got It" appears on the 1996 release My Shadow Moonlight Label MLL-006]]>
Sweet Child of Mine
A production for YouTube. Search for The Stone & Biscuit Band on YouTube.]]>
The Dirty Ernies Live
Recorded Live at the Illinois State Fair]]>
Hard Hats
Jesse W. Johnson of JET W. LEE singing "Hard Hats" live on WEFT 90.1 FM. 07/20/09]]>
Inglourious Basterds trailer
Up - Trailer
Time Traveler’s Wife
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