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Thursday, June 28, 2012 01:37 pm

downtown poem # 4

I discovered in my teens (yes a slow learner)
if you did a devious deed officially enough
boldly enough no one would question your
actions this proved true at the old state capitol
art fair many years ago I took scissors and a
stepladder to the lincoln hotel 5th and capitol
my young daughter cringed on the other side
of the street shrouded by the methodist church
she didn’t want people to think she was with me
I climbed the ladder and snipped off a tattered
huge green awning with abe’s benign face in
its middle pedestrians walked by but no one
paid any heed to the theft of a large art work
later on a dark december dawn following the
springtime canvas heist two daughters and I
huddled catty corner across the street from the
hotel it was freezing cold a few others shivered
in nearby doorways at 8:30 a.m. muffled blasts
exquisitely brought down the historic hotel not a
brick in the street a bleat of cheers went up from
those who’d braved the cold to attend this civic
event perhaps another awning was lost in the
rubble but I’d presented my canvas to the lincoln
papers project at sangamon state university and
it was hanging safely in cullom’s or becky’s office


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