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Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013 05:18 am

Letters to the Editor 1/3/13

Single-shot rifle, Illinois penalties



The second amendment of the United States Constitution states: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Obviously the need for a state militia has been replaced by the National Guard and Coast Guard whereby trained military personnel are entrusted with the defense of this country against domestic enemies. Their weapons are tightly controlled and safeguarded.

The only two reasons for a citizen to own a firearm are for hunting or defense of the household from intruders. In either case, ownership of a single-shot rifle is more than adequate to satisfy these purposes. There is absolutely no need for any U.S. civilian to own any weapon more powerful or sophisticated than this.

Joe Bialek
Cleveland, Ohio


Some penalties for not paying child support are counterproductive. A truck driver who has his commercial license to drive a truck taken away because of unpaid child support can no longer be employed as a truck driver, therefore makes no money. A person who can cook or work in restaurant management, but cannot get a food handler’s permit, cannot be employed as such and therefore receive a salary from such employment. It would seem more logical to not inflict counterproductive penalties but garnish the person’s salary for a reasonable amount and thus allow then to pay child support.

Tyre W. Rees


I recently made a comment on a CNN website regarding the current tax debates. I said that I thought most mid- and lower-income Americans would not have a problem with those making over $200,000 paying their share of taxes. I said that I did not know anyone making that kind of money. The responses I got were all to the effect that I should “get a job,” “quit asking for handouts,” that I should “thank people like me who pay for a government which provides you with handouts” and the one I especially liked said, “Everyone I know makes more than $200,000. If you do not know people like this, then you are uneducated. Stop looking for handouts and get a job.”

I am not surprised that those making over $200,000 think that those of us who do not are unemployed, slackers, on welfare and have no education. What I want to pass on to others is that this is the mindset of those in that income bracket. They do not even know the rest of us exist. They think that everyone makes $200,000 and if you don’t, you have no education.

For the record, I am retired after working more than 40 years. I have a master’s degree and have never accepted handouts. Even the department heads at the local university do not make $200,000 and some of them have doctorates. Having an education does not guarantee a large income, or even a job.

Sherri Boner


Attorney General Lisa Madigan is my hero and has announced the filing of a proposed settlement with Tradition Investment, LLC, concerning the construction of a mega-dairy operation in Jo Daviess County.

The settlement proposes to resolve a water pollution complaint filed last year with the Illinois Pollution Control Board against Tradition for allowing the discharge of leachate from silage stored at the site into the South Fork of the Apple River. The complaint also alleged a violation of permit requirements because Tradition failed to have a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit at the time of the discharge.

Tradition has informed the Illinois Attorney General’s office and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency that it is in the process of selling the site. The company is also removing the remaining liquid in the site’s concrete basin and the adjoining earthen basin and applying it to agricultural land in accordance with environmental regulations.

After battling this looming disaster for five years, we now get to have a sigh of relief and a victory celebration. Before popping the first cork, we need to give thanks to some people who heard our cries for help. Thank you to: Gov. Pat Quinn, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Division Chief Matthew Dunn, Senior Assistant Attorney General Jane McBride and the Illinois Pollution Control Board.

Susan Turner
Warren, Ill.


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