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Monday, Nov. 23, 2009 03:34 pm

Never too late to get in shape


Here's a post from Tia Schoen in our advertising department:

I got lucky 30 years ago (I’m really dating myself here!) when a wonderful woman hired me to run her health clubs. I had no experience and had never exercised a day in my life. I took to it like a duck to water. Over the years and through the aches & pains, I have managed to keep the fervor for fitness alive with 3-4 workouts weekly (depending on my tired, old body & insane schedule). It seems that without this great stress reliever I am tired, crabby & sullen much of the time. Not to mention the fact that three of my BFF’S (do you all get that?) have put on at least 40 pounds each while I am still a size six.

They look at me with murder in their eyes from time to time but there is no one to blame but themselves. I encourage them constantly but to no avail.

They must think it is too late for improvement, but I am here to tell you, it is NEVER too late. I see women & men much older than me when I go to the gym and some of them just started. I have fitness equipment at home but I find that making that drive and extra effort to go to the facility is much better for me. It gives me time alone, sense of purpose, and when I spy the other size sixes, most of whom are a lot younger than me, I feel like I have accomplished something wonderful. Yes, I was lucky to have someone who pushed me into fitness, but it was myself alone who never stopped. So when you see me walking along with a spring in my step, be sure to say to yourself “It’s never too late to get in shape”. Your whole persona will change & you will love yourself again! Just do it!!!!!

-Tia Schoen

Want to share your health story? Whether you've had good or bad experiences, we want to hear about it. Write something about 200-300 words and send it to me at pyeagle@illinoistimes.com. The best reader stories will be posted on the blog, so put your best foot forward!


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