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Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012 02:51 pm

Out of the belly of a whale

Trapped in a body? Here’s an easy and effective diet you might try - the Flat Belly Diet from the folks at Prevention Magazine. Basically this plan guides you through five days of cleansing (cleansing, meaning eliminating soda and fast food burgers and all the processed, empty calorie, bad-for-us-anyway foods). A specially-prepared water accompanies regular foods, many that are probably sitting in your cabinet right now. Following the week of cleansing, you are allowed three meals a day and a snack of whatever foods you want to eat, but each meal should total 400 calories. An added secret to the diet is adding beneficial fats from items such as nuts.

Buy the workbook for all the details. It includes charts to track your food and calorie intake each day and journal space with questions to prompt you into thinking about the emotional or situational pitfalls to your overeating or unhealthy eating. The system is available online too, offering a one month free incentive currently. That’s the skinny basics, besides adding exercise if you will to further escape your current weight.

Plus: It works. You feel better. It’s easy. No starving. Eat the foods you normally eat (after the five days) Minus: You’ll probably have to purchase items for the first five days. Measuring and calculating your calorie intake, but the entire process can be eye-opening as to food ingredients and portions.


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