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Friday, June 13, 2014 03:43 pm

Tonight: SOHO Rain Check


"And if it rains both days I could still owe people thousands of dollars."

So spoke Springfield SOHO Fest founder and executive director Eric Welch at the conclusion of IT's June 5 cover story about the musical festival's tenth anniversary celebration last weekend.

Welch's words were sadly prophetic. While it fortunately did not rain both days (Friday night went off without a hitch), torrential downpour throughout the day and evening on Saturday put a major dent in the proceedings and has left the SOHO organization - which was set to benefit 10 different charities this year - in a position where it is unable to pay off its own expenses.

Enter Prairie Capital Convention Center general manager Brian Oaks, who reached out to Welch in the aftermath of the storm and generously offered $10 from every ticket sold to the inaugural events this Friday and Saturday at the PCCC's brand new BOS Plaza (located between the convention center's lobby and parking garage) to SOHO's cause.

"The whole time leading up to SOHO this year I had this kind of Icarus feeling," said a visibly exhausted Welch earlier this week. "You know, wax wings, flying a little too close to the sun, somethin’s gonna hit ya." He seemed palpably grateful for the PCCC's offer of help, while slightly incredulous that it is already time to gear up for another concert.

"I still feel really good about the event as a whole," he says. "It’s just a little disappointing that we didn’t have our big bang on Saturday. In ten years, we never dealt with a whole day of rain like that, we’ve had a few showers or it would rain all morning and then clear up or something. But I guess it happens."

Those who are unable to attend this weekend's events at the BOS Plaza can still help out by visiting this link and donating to SOHO.

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