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Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014 12:01 am

Thanksgiving eve evening

Brooke Thomas and Shayla Logan as Sugar & Spice play Julia's Kitchen & Lounge, 8 to 11 p.m., on Wed., Nov. 26 for a Black Masquerade party


For years now, I’ve been preaching that Thanksgiving Eve is the biggest bar and club party night of the calendar year in the United States of America. Those in the know already knew, but in the early 2000s New York City and San Francisco venues began advertising the night before Thanksgiving as the night to get out and get hammered. I think we can agree that trends tend to originate on the coasts in America, then move to the Midwest where folks like us decide if said happenings are worthy of tradition status.

Judging from the incredible lineup of bands on the Springfield scene this Thanksgiving Eve, I think we can safely say the event is here to stay. And why shouldn’t this night be the night to turn loose? As far as the other two nights of the big three libation situations go, New Year’s Eve is now for amateur party people and St. Patrick’s Day falls on any day of the week leaving no recovery space. Only Thanksgiving Eve offers that tantalizing mid-week night with the next day off, and for some, the next couple of days away from the workplace. Indeed, what is there to do on Thanksgiving proper than to eat, drink and be merry while napping, watching football and getting ready to go out again.

I have neglected dealing with this Black Wednesday name thing because I don’t know why people insist on naming every day touching the special American observance of Thanksgiving (inaugurated by hometown hero President Abraham Lincoln no less) as BLACK. Isn’t Black Friday, a rather recent addition to our vocabulary anyway, enough? There is nothing “black” about the biggest party night of the year, unless you count blackouts, but that’s something completely different and you wouldn’t remember them anyway.

Alas, I have no cute moniker for this special night and leave it to wags more cerebral and creative than I to invent something brazen and brilliant. Some original thinking bands and venues have already cooked up winning ways to cover this night of nights now sweeping the nation. How about Off the Wall and Hipbone Sam coming up with Falling Off the Bone night at the Blue Grouch from 6 p.m. to midnight for a marvelous music marathon. Julia’s Kitchen & Lounge gets the best venue notion, inviting one and all to a Black Masquerade party with prizes for winning attire. Sugar & Spice (that’s Brooke Thomas and Shayla Logan being either or) play from 8 to 11 p.m. and DJs Yuri K, Annatomic and Eholla take you out the rest of the evening. The whole Vinegar Mall complex gets in the running with a “Turkey Hop,” including drink specials at Tommy’s Tap and a full night of music at Donnie’s Homespun with the Micah Walk Band, The Deep Hollow and The Good Companions.

The Butternut Hut takes off with JJ & the Jet Planes, while Frankie’s on the Boulevard goes for the gut with Pork Pie & the Northend Allstars playing a New Orleans Seafood Fest. The Brat Pack bangs out the hits out at Boondocks as Jukebox Casanova rattles the cage at Bar None. Ride through the country with Tennessee Borderline at the New Moon Saloon in Dawson, or follow Mike Burnett and the Blue Suns to Trails End Saloon in Curran.

Remember, this is all just on Wednesday night, whatever you want to call the evening. The weekend, especially Friday, is chock full of other music delights awaiting your perusal. I must include in this list a special appearance by me and my friends, The Motorvators, at Brewhaus on Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and good luck with all those “black” days, too.  

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